Teaching Experience

► Teaching Assistant for the 15th Annual International Geobiology Course, June 27–July 2, 2018. Instructor: Kristin Bergmann.
MIT Kaufman Teaching Certificate Program, Summer 2017.
► Guest lecturer for Massachusetts Maritime Academy Oceanography course, Spring 2017.
► Teaching Assistant for MIT The History of Earth's Climate, Spring 2017. Instructor: David McGee. Overall TA Rating: 7.0/7.0 [see Evaluations]
► Teaching Assistant for MIT Climate Science, Fall 2017. Instructors: Kerry Emanuel and Edward Boyle. Overall TA Rating: 6.9/7.0 [see Evaluations]
► Teaching Assistant for MIT Sedimentology in the Field, Spring 2016. Instructor: Kristin Bergmann. Overall TA Rating: 6.7/7.0 [see Evaluations]
► Teaching Assistant for the University of Arizona Summer Field Geology Camp, Summer 2015, half term (2.5 weeks). Instructor: Jay Quade.
► Teaching Assistant for Princeton Earth's Environments and Ancient Civilizations, Fall 2012. Instructors: Adam Maloof and Frederik Simons.

Undergraduate Advising and Mentorship

Supervision of student-led projects with final presentations/papers

Members of the fieldwork party in Searles Lake, CA during the January 2018 field season.

Zixuan "Crystal" Rao '18 (USTC, China), Summer 2017 and Spring 2018 Senior Thesis. Now at Princeton for PhD program.

Project: Reconstructing late Pleistocene lake level histories from tufas in the central Andes: Lagunas Miscanti, Miniques, and Pampa Varela.

A.J. Iversen '20 (MIT), Spring, Summer, and Fall 2018.

Project: GIS-based reconstructions of paleolake area and volumes in the western United States.

Jade Fischer '21 (MIT) and A.J. Iversen '20 (MIT), Winter 2018 (including fieldwork participation).

Project: Testing heliotropism of columnar tufas in Searles Lake, California.

Supervision of student involvement in research-related tasks
► Jasmine Jin '19 (MIT), Yan Zhang '17 (Tongji University, China), Ashling Neary '16 (MIT).