Greetings! My name is Christine, and I am currently a Ph.D. Candidate in the MIT-WHOI Joint Program and a member of David McGee's group. I am broadly interested in the history of Earth's climate, and I use field geology and geochronology to reconstruct past changes in Earth's hydrological cycle, particularly from ancient lake archives.

These interests have led me to conduct field research in the deserts of the western United States and the high-altitude central Andes, places where relict shorelines of ancient lakes are remarkably well-preserved. Through mapping of these paleoshorelines, detailed characterization of fossilized microbial lake carbonates called "tufas," and precise U/Th dating of such deposits, I aim to produce quantitative and precisely-dated records of past lake level changes. By treating these lake basins as Earth's natural rain gauges, I ultimately hope to build a rainfall record that covers time periods long before those captured by modern instruments.

I also care deeply about creating healthy work environments that foster discovery and allow people from all backgrounds to succeed. To this end, I have completed extensive training with Conflict Management@MIT and serve as a graduate student mediator (EAPS REFS) to provide confidential conflict coaching to members of my department. I have also created and facilitated workshops on effective management and leadership training of future faculty (resources page coming soon).