Camila Chaves Cortes has captured and documented the largest infrastructure projects in the world.   Camila's provocative images of the landscape transformations of Berlin from 1994-2003 and the mythological Big Dig of Boston from 1998-2003 depict her life force.

       As an international artist pioneering the documentation of changing cities Camila has  photographed Cartagena (1992, 2003), Barcelona (1992-1993), Sydney (1993), Havana (1994), San Juan (1995), St. Petersburg (1996), and Boston's first construction boom (1988-1991).

      Camila's photographs are symphonies The visual rhythms of the city's transition are orchestrated like a musical score revealing layers of temporal and spatial relationships. The transformation of the built environment represent architectural stages, engineering dimensions, and the unfolding human behavior and interactions.

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