Space Combat

Space Combat (ship to ship)

Note: These rules apply to space combat in particular, not all flying about in ships. For non-combat rolls, roll ship dice with your skill.

Space Combat generally procedes as does regular combat with a few exceptions. Pilots use the character sheets of the ships they are flying; shticks and stats generally come from the ship-character, while shticks and skills generally come from the pilot-character (Yes, shticks can come from both places; a ship might have the shtick "Turbo Boosters" to go extra fast; a pilot might have the shtick "Racing Pilot" to go extra fast).

If a ship has multiple stations (i.e. a pilot station, a science officer/sensors station, a gunnery station) then multiple characters may each do ship things in their action (and may roll ship stats for speed if they choose). Things like ship sensors, ship guns, and so on, all roll the ship stats using the character's skill; things like damage control and engineering use character stats and skill. (Having six gunners doesn't let the ship shoot six times if it only has one set of weapons, though.)

Exception 1: Pilot skill

At the beginning of each round, the pilot of that ship may make a piloting skill roll. This roll uses the ship's Precision of Tech stat with the pilot's piloting skills. Successes at this roll apply until the pilot next needs to make such a roll and can be used in the folowing manners:

Exception 2: Momentum

At the end of phases 3, 6, and 9, the ship must move its momentum vector. Momentum is a current tally of all moves made to date, and will be represented on the hex map by a counter.

To keep everyone on the hexmap, all ships, or all momentum counters, may be shifted around by the same amount, as long as there are no fixed obstacles on the map.

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