Party Shticks


Encrypted neutrino radio headsets. Enough for the whole party at once, but not a lot of extra. Three variants:
  • Inobvious (subtle version IAF), and therefore wearable in most situations, (on the combat dancefloor, in court, during combat opera etc.), though people can notice them if you chatter a bunch and they make a perception roll. Once noticed, people can try to grab, steal, break, run off with, etc.
  • Obvious (combat version OIF), and therefore not wearable in many social situations it would look weird to have a headset in, but these can't be taken from you or broken at all during combat by anything that wouldn't take or break the wearer. Once you are captured, they can take all your stuff, but them's the breaks.
  • Implanted (surgical version), both invisible and unstealable, but illegal on some planets, and you set off scanners sometimes. Once in, there it stays. (Oh, you could probably upgrade...)
All units are:
  • Encrypted, so people need significant rolls and special equipment to listen in. ("Neutrino receivers? What the heck are those?")
  • Repairable/Replacable. Assuming you are not lost in the swirling mists of spacetime, your engineers can pretty easily make more and fix broken ones. You can also cut "lost" ones out of the net given warning (not in combat), but possessing lost ones would probably give people bonuses to decryption rolls, etc.
Flaw: Ominous

Cost: Season Finale Nummy

Fast Research

Prototyping a research project is one level faster (so Tech Level 5 takes three months instead of a year).

Breadth 3
Frequency 1
Power 4
Usage 4
Shtick Tax5

Paying: Maury (3), Sophia (3), Kith (3), Kye (3), Sharra (3), Hippocrates (2)

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