the Hegemon Explained

> The Last Hegemon
> Concept: Noble Ruler
All major shticks must be in concept. Minor shticks can be in concept or acquired with a good excuse during the game.

> Background: Hegemonic
Everyone has one of these. Most people will have "Inworld", "Outworld", or (mysteriously) "Hegemonic". If you think you have "Alien" or "Uplifted Hamster" let us know.

> Body: 4
This is the minimum of the associated substats.

> Str: 5
Strength of body - like the strength stat of most systems. Your base move rate is equal to your StrBody. (Unlike Comet, there is no default Toughness stat.)

> Pre: 5
Precision of body - like the dexterity stat of most systems.

> Health: 4
Unique substat Health - like the constitution of most systems. Your hit points are 10*Health.

> (Hit Points: 40)
> (Move: 8)

> Mind: 7
> Str: 7
Strength of mind - will, concentration, perception. The ability to figure things out based on what you currently perceive.

> Pre: 7
Precision of mind - intelligence, perception. The ability to figure things out based on current data.

> Education: 8
Unique substat Education - includes all forms of educations, book learning and street learning. Powers all knowledge skills, and the chance you already know something. The ability to figure things out based on what you already know.

> Psi: 0
Living things have a Psi stat. Devices and ships and the like have a Tech stat, which is similar, but has a different unique substat.

> Str: 1
Strength of psi - for powerful psi effects. Long range and overcoming resistance require strength.

> Pre: 4
Precision of psi - for subtle psi effects. Precise control and stealth require precision.

> Fortune: 0
Unique substat Fortune - luck and untrained psi ability. You may add your fortune dice to other rolls, once per hour of play. (The Tech substat is Reliability, and allows rerolls of that many dice once per hour of play)

> Shticks:
> Major: Ruler of the Hegemony
> (flaw: Civil unrest)
All major shticks have an associated Flaw, and must be in concept.

> Minor: Computer implant - always online
> Minor: Suave

> Psi-Shticks:
> Minor: Hunch
Psi shticks are bought the same as other shticks, but require associated skill (Psi Talents) to use particular instances of them.

> Skills:
Skills come in differing generalities; very general or useful skills are 5 points per level, while esoteric and "color" skills are 1 point per level.

> 10 (6) Galactic Politics
Six-point skills are Special. Nobody starts with any yet; they're skills that you're really good at in all possible aspects.

> 8 (3) Negotiation
> 8 (2) Galactic History
> 2 (3) Tactics
> 7 (3) Persuasion
> 5 (2) Seduction

> 5 (3) Hunch: Y/N guess
> 2 (3) Hunch: What Do You Want?
These are two Psi Talents, which are associated with the psi shtick Hunch. All Talents are three points per level.

> 2 (3) Starship Pilot
> 3 (3) Blaster
> ---
> 173 skill points

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