the Hegemon's Sample Combat

Having escaped his dire plight on Rigel, the Hegemon decides that he should train a bit with his guard to be prepared for the next time.

He enters the combat simulator.....

Walking down a small garden path, an uplifted hamster jumps out and bares its teeth. Combat ensues.

Uplifted Hamster

Body: 2 Mind: 1 Psi: 0
Str: 2 Str: 3 Str: 0
Pre: 4 Pre: 2 Pre: 2
Health: 3 Education: 1 Fortune: 6

Health*10 -> 30 hit points
StrBody -> 2 hexes movement

Minor: Sharp Teeth (Teeth count as a x3 melee weapon)

Skills: 5 (4) Biting (Not so general, but he can't be disarmed of them so it's 4 points per level.)

As you can see, hamsters are devilishly lucky....

Having surprise, the hamster gets a free action.

Since its StrBody stat is 2 it can move 2 hexes before attacking. The Hegemon is only two hexes away, so the hamster darts in to strike.

To hit, it rolls Precision of Body for sevens, getting three successes. Since this is the hamster's free action, the Hegemon cannot dodge (but he's not scared of a hamster, so he probably wouldn't have anyway.)

The hamster's damage is 3 successes * 3 (for Sharp Teeth) + 2 (Strength of Body), a total of 11. The Hegemon says "oof" and considers bringing his force-shield to the next simulation so he'll have some Toughness to subtract from the damage.

Now the first round of regular combat begins, and both parties roll their speed.

Both parties decide to use their Body stats for speed rather than Mind or Psi as it looked like it would be a physical fight. The hamster rolls "2 10" and goes in 2 and 10. The Hegemon rolls "3 5 5 10" so he goes in 3, 5, and 10.

In round 2, the hamster attacks again. The Hegemon decides to dodge this time, and aborts his action in 3. The hamster rolls four successes on its attack, and the Hegemon rolls two successes on his dodge (he has no Dodge skill, so just rolls his Precision of Body for sevens). The hamster thus does 2 * 3 + 2 = 8 damage, putting the Hegemon at 19 damage.

Having aborted his phase 3, the Hegemon goes next, in 5. He shoots the hamster with his blaster, rolling Precision of Body plus his Blaster skill for sevens. He rolls three successes. The hamster didn't dodge, so *its* damage is 5 (the base damage for a blaster) + 3 * 2 (blasters are a x2 weapon; think Star Wars blasters), for 11.

In 10, the Hegemon (being somewhat cautious) decides to split his Precision of Body dice to dodge with two and attack with two, while the hamster, smelling blood, attacks with all four dice.

The hamster rolls four successes, of which the Hegemon dodges one, and takes 11 more damage, putting him at 30. The Hegemon rolls only one success, doing 7 damage to the hamster (now at 19 damage). Both are about ten damage shy of falling over.

Next turn. Hamster: 1 5. Hegemon: 1 4 5 9 In 1, the hamster attacks, while the Hegemon decides to apply a Hegemonic Guard-class stimpack. The GM rules that using the stimpack in combat time requires a Precision of Mind action, which means the Hegemon burns an extra phase (he uses his phase 9) to perform a non-Body action.

When multiple combatants are going in the same segment, good guys go first, at their option. The Hegemon exercises that option, rolls 4 successes on Precision of Mind to apply the stimpack (he only needed a success to use the device), and regains 20 hit points. Good for him, because the hamster gets another four successes (fast little bugger) and does him 14 damage. So now he's at 24, and the hamster is still at 19.

In phase 4, the Hegemon remembers he has a ranged weapon, backs up five hexes, and fires at the hamster. Two successes, for nine damage - the hamster is at 28 now.

In phase 5, the hamster charges forward. It uses its dice for movement this round, rolling its StrBody dice for one success, and covers four of the eight hexes between it and the Hegemon (2 for its base move, 2*1 for its move dice). The Hegemon shoots it again with the blaster also in 5 (having let it go first to see if it could possibly make the five hexes), for two succeses, another nine damage.

The hamster is now at 37 damage, which is more than its 30 hit points, so it falls down. It's down by 7. The hamster rolls its 3 health dice, and gets 2 succesess. 2*5 > 7, so it's unconscious rather than dying. The Hegemon rejoices in his well-earned victory (good thing the hamster forgot his fortune).

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