the Hegemon's Adventure

The Hegemon wakes up and finds himself locked in a cell. Woe is he. It seems that the flaw in his major schtick has struck again. He searches around the cell for anything useful:
In this instance, Perception is a Precision of Mind roll: 7 dice, rolling for 7s. He rolls his 7 dice: 10 8 7 7 5 4 4, which is four successes.
Nothing interesting is hidden in the cell, but he notes that there are some serial numbers and a company name on the electrolock. Do these mean anything to him?
He rolls his Education dice for nines (because it's a bit obscure), and adding his Galactic History skill: 10 10 8 7 5 4 3 1. The two 10's are successes, he raises the 8 to a 9 with one skill point, raises the 7 to a 9 with two more skill, raises the 5 to a 9 with four skill, and his remaining three skill can't do anything with the 4. That's five successes, so he recalls that this company was based on Rigel V, which had an uprising suppressed five years ago.
He thinks to himself, "Am I on Rigel V?"
He makes a Precision of Psi roll for 7s, adding his Hunch: Y-or-N skill, and gets two successes. Given his other information, two is sufficient, and he decides yes, he's on Rigel V. (The Hegemon only has Hunch as a Minor talent, so if he didn't have enough successes to be sure, the GM would have flipped a coin and lied. A Major talent would be more likely to have not-enough-successes tell the player "You're not sure.")
This knowledge doesn't do him much good yet, so he starts playing with the lock. "Is the first digit of the combination a 1?", he wonders.
He makes another Hunch: Y-or-N roll and the GM tells him that no, the first digit of the combination is not a 1. He asks if the first digit of the combination is a 2, and the GM tells him that his psi powers tell him that the first digit of the combination is definitely not a 1. A short lecture about not trying to stretch psi talents outside of their effect later....
Soon a guard comes to bring him his syntho-gruel for breakfast. The guard is well-armed and looks competent, so the Hegemon doesn't try jumping him with his nonexistent martial arts ability. However, he smiles charmingly at the guard and tries to guess if there's something that can be used against him.
Rolling Precision of Psi for 7s again, using "What do you want?", he gets three successes. The guard wants to be rich.
Ahah! The guard wants to be rich - he is not, in fact, a political fanatic (on the other hand, maybe this is a kidnapping for ransom?) In any case, the Hegemon is quite rich; the trick is to use that against the guard.

"How long have they been making you do all the drudge work around here?" he starts as an opening.

This requires subtlety rather than brute force, so this is a Precision of Mind roll, with Persuasion skill. He has to roll for eights, because he's at a bit of a disadvantage being locked up. However, his Suave Schtick lets him do this sort of thing at -2 difficulty, so he only needs to roll for sixes...
A conversation later, the guard isn't willing to break him out, but he's willing to accidentally misplace his blaster for the promise of a lot of credits later....
The GM asks for a Precision of Mind Negotiation roll to get the details sorted out.
Some time later, when the Free Rigel Native Resistance League comes to threaten the Hegemon, he manages to take their leader hostage with the blaster and a combination of bravado, hunches, promises, and persuasion (this time the persuasion roll is based off of Strength of Mind, because he's trying to browbeat them into it) are sufficient to get him back to his ship...

Then in a fit of pique, the Hegemon has his Elite Guard destroy the planet, which is why Rigel V does not appear in the game.

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