Experience Points, Skill Points, Karma Points

Experience points (EPs), which can be spent on stats and shticks, and Skill points (SPs), which can be spent on skills, and Karma points, are awarded at the end of a run.

There's a "par" policy on eps and skill points so people who have fallen behind won't stay forever behind. Karma points are the cookie you get for being at a run, and don't get caught up on.

Things that karma points can do:
1 one-shot replenishment of your fortune die pool
1 +1 speed
1 roll own poor roll over
1 more than double your stat with fortune or a buff
1 bring a difficulty below 5 with a buff
1 After rolling speed but before the turn starts, you may reroll one die until it comes up as a number that you're not already moving in.
1 add one success to a roll for 7s
1 add one difficulty to the above rule
2 roll own catastrophic roll over (i.e. a fumble or awryage, if you have those)
2 Move a later action to now, or take your current action out of stat. (Yes, this is what burning a future action also does; it's not worth it unless you're out of actions).
2 After rolling speed but before the turn starts, you may pick up one die and put it down as some other number. Yes, you can create a Yahtzee with this.
3+ "Wow. You try to do what?"
(3 is Quite Unlikely.
5 is Seriously Implausible.
7 is Wildly Impossible.
And it has to be in concept.)

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