3 Little Hegemons
(Tune: 3 Little Maids from School)

3 little Hegemons are we
Bound by genetic destiny
Full of psionic energy
3 little hegemons

Power's the stuff that makes us strong
Control guides our steps as we go along
With Luck on our side, we can't go wrong
3 little hegemons

3 hegemons, without throne or nation
Pledged to the purpose of our creation:
To save humankind from annihilation
3 little hegemons

Katya is Green with her Nomarche eyes
Jayla is Red with her insight wise
Our Blue is Donella, we surmise
3 little hegemons

From 3 hegemons take 1 away
2's not enough, there'll be hell to pay
Better have 3 on the judgement day
3 little hegemons

3 little hegemonic flowers
3 little fonts of psychic power
Readying for that final hour
3 little hegemons