Hegemonic Lament
(Tune: Wasn't it good?)

Nothing is so good it lasts eternally
Perfect civilizations still may fall
But this has never yet prevented me
Mourning for the way we lost it all

Looking back, could I have altered history?
Saved humanity from such a fate?
But I was sleeping through the centuries
Now all my good intentions come too late...

Wasn't it good?
Wasn't it fine?
How can I live now
It can't be mine?
But in the end, we'll rise above this misery
As one Hegemony
(You need this fantasy to comfort you...)
United again

Nothing in your life endures eternally
Towers tumble, nations rip apart
But memories of glory still inspire me
To keep the dream alive within my heart

Looking back I see how it was meant to be
(Look around, can't you imagine another way?)
Though around me greed and chaos reign
(What we've built is worth protecting, maybe)
Now before me lies the path of destiny
(You would tear it down again...)
To raise us from the ashes once again

Wasn't it good?
Wasn't it fine?
Someday I'll make it
Once again mine
And in the end we'll find peace and prosperity
In one Hegemony
(You'll crush our freedom for your fantasy...)
United again