General World Info
The inworlds have about a dozen systems, the outworlds are closer to eight. There aren't a lot of details about individual planetary cultures fleshed out yet (and you're likely to think they're different if you're a Lost Hegemonic type anyway), but we'll be working on that through January. If you want to be from the gas giant world of bubble cities (or whatever), there's still plenty of time to declare that to exist; if you'd rather wait until we can give you a better background bluesheet that's okay too, but you'll have to give us a hint at your background so we know which bluesheet to give you first.

Hegemonic tech was close to Star Trek in power level, though no transporters.

Inworld tech is more like B5 Earth-level tech, or Andromeda, with some things unrepairable. Inworld psi is low-power but more finely controlled, and includes most of the classic "psi" powers at low levels. The inworld systems are pretty chaotic, politically, between the war between the two Hegemons (where systems near them get dragged into the fray) and other conflicts, though there are studiously neutral merchant fleets attempting to carry out trade with both sides.

The outworlds range from medieval up to nearly-inworld tech. Outworld psi is generally stronger but less controlled than inworld, and includes things that look like mages. It's not uncommon for an outworlder to claim to be a mage, or a priest, or a shaman, or whatever, and have the apparent power to back it up.

Travel between systems is done via jump gates. These are huge physical devices orbiting systems, beyond the orbits of their planets. These gates are linked one-to-one with other gates; pretty much anything can fly through them. There are a number of defunct jumpgates; it's said in Hegemonic times they worked and went places, but it's not entirely clear whether there were more Linked Worlds then or the worlds were more fully connected or what. Since the fall of the Hegemony, nobody's had the resources to build more gates. The outworlds are all in a dust nebula (cough cough cough) and are very close together, such that they can be reached without jump gates, though sublight routes through the nebula can be dangerous if you don't know the way.