Mirris' Stateroom

Before the hull breach in Mirris' stateroom, by the way, it was not very memorable. Although less abandoned than Sook's (I understand that Sook spends so much time in the core), it was a far cry from Janzur's spit-and-polish. She had some nondescript clothes (think urban camoflage), a few old data clips, and the equivalent of empty soda cans that she'd stack in pyramids. The bed was always unmade and often had data cables strewn across it. She did not keep much in the way of vids; any images she liked were ported into her most prized possession, the laptop she carries around everywhere. She did have a small collection of shot glasses that filched from various locations, but those were (alas) sucked out into space. She seems to have taken the hull breach in stride (except for the shot glasses), and now jokes that at least her quarters are cleaner after the repairs.

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