Mirris' secure memory capsule:

This is set up so that Mirris can immediately enter a code that erases
anything bracketed by the code phrase [I am Mirris and I am a crew
member of the Hippocrates.] 
Entry 1:
Prior data scrubbed. I am Mirris. Hipri is get to New Light and contact Blue. Trade information for security. Do not go back to Well. I am not from the Well. I was hired by Dr. Kye for an expedition and became a crew member on the Hippocrates.

Entry 2:
I am Mirris and I am a crew member of the Hippocrates, backup programmer and sneak. All ship data updated to include my contributions; compressed record snagged for reference. No baggage to worry about; my quarters got fragged on arrival. Gotta rest, out of the Well but still precarious. I am Mirris and I am a crew member of the Hippocrates.

Entry 3:
I am Mirris and I am a crew member of the Hippocrates. Gotta get some of this down. I got picked up from traders by a cat. A cat person. A cat engineer person. Not the least weird person on the crew. They're smart, though. Built a psi jammer and everything. Didn't go to New Light like I thought, went to Craterrock. I don't even know where to start on that rabbit-infested deathtrap. This crew sure cares a lot about dead trees and ancient construction, for some reason. They've sure got a skewed view. Still, they got some levelheaders like Sharra and Kith. But what's a nice girl like Kith doing with all these crazy people? Can't be much profit motive there. And the lady could HEAL me with her HANDS. Yeah, hands. Then there's Sook. She's strong; pulls great data. Glad I double-cross-coded my ship entries; just hope it holds until New Light. Of course, on the rock she went and-get this-got a copy made. Of herself. On top of which, she's got some rabbit outfit and something called a koala. Even a kid like Jim seems normal, but he's like Danger Boy or something. And why do I think of Sparky Cola every time I talk to him? Okay, gotta go see what's with some asteroid now. When are these guys ever gonna get to New Light? I am Mirris and I am a crew member of the Hippocrates.

Entry 4:
I am Mirris and I am a crew member of the Hippocrates. The crazy crew of the Hippocrates. So the cat engineer person's got an armband that leads to an actual pirate ship with actual pirate treasure. Good old fashioned untraced noncredit precious stones and everything. Man, these guys must be loaded; they don't even count the cash, they just throw it into the captain's safe. No way are they gonna miss a piece or two. And Kye, he's got some deathtrap sense. Pretty cool; usually I actually have to look at things. Of course, he doesn't seem to care that deathtrap means don't go there. Come to think of it, who puts deathtrap robots in a gym anyway? I be staying on the safe side of doors from now on with these guys, thank you very much. No Kaufman tubes for me; I can't believe I cut myself on that rock, how stupid was that? I guess I took that goofy personality a little too far. Not that I need to do any rushing in. Turns out Janzur is like the antideathtrap guy of all time. He just leaps in cutting everything down with this wacky laser blade. Do not piss him off. Speaking of which, the captain's got something planned, I can tell. I can see her putting things together, and she was working on something with Sharra and Sook while we were off with the deathtraps. I don't want to mess with Sook, what with that copying business. Maybe Sharra; I get the feeling she's doing something her family disapproves of, which as far as I'm concerned is usually a good call. But Eva, man, she's going to kill me. I gotta get out as soon as possible when I get to New Light. But until then, I am Mirris and I am a crew member of the Hippocrates.

Entry 5:
I am Mirris and I am a crew member of the Hippocrates. Still floating around the Craterrock system. Not good. Had to take another hit when more of the crew woke up from the tubes. Now there's a girl dresses like a rabbit running around, and this smooth talker who's got the psi look in his eye, and did I mention that the AI has his own body now for walking around? Not to mention the mute waving her hands around, or the woman with about a hundred blades. I've been steering clear of those two and Max; he's from the Well. Anyway, I think I got the Captain wrong; she's not gunning for an intruder, she's locking down for security. Janzur's the same, but he's got me sending out an announcement to the mysterious stowaway asking 'em to come forward. Drives me crazy. They just refuse to go near a jump gate or even another ship 'til they've found their target. I gotta get out of here and instead I'm sitting around listening to that damn announcement every hour. I can't even work on the system; Sook's locked herself in the core. Can't stand this; there's only so much Triumphant Heroes I can take! Maybe I can talk to Janzur, see if there's any way to get them to go to New Light without breaking cover. Probably wouldn't get spaced, but you never know. I don't belong.

But I do belong. I even helped with all those deathtraps. But the way these guys are deathtrap magnets, or weirdness magnets, or whatever, I can't keep up much longer. But I have to belong. No way out if I don't. Have to belong. I am Mirris and I am a crew member of the Hippocrates.

Entry 6:
I am Mirris and I am a crew member of the Hippocrates! Finally! Okay, I'm in.
<background noise of bridge during battle>
I am not from the Well. I think. Don't go to the Well. Hipri is to get to New Light and contact Blue. Who's Blue?!
<Eva's voice, faintly: "The Blue Hegemony.">
I need to trade them information.
<Eva: "What [garbled] tell them?">
I don't remember! Hold on, airlock.
<more background noise, alarms, reports; some faint mumbling like "save all people" and "as long as one survives">
Wait! I know, I need to tell them--argh!
<Eva: "What!">
It's not that simple, Captain! It's not a data stream, it's something I can do, or help--I can't explain it now. I am--I--<very fast>IamMirrisandIamacrewmemberoftheHippocrates.

--no further entries--



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