A Funeral Interlude

The ceremony begins with a ringing of a port-call bell by Dr. Kye as the caskets of the deceased are brought in by James.

Dr. Symphony-Hayes, doing the Senior Officer thing (and probably wearing a Skyguard warrant officer's dress uniform, which would boggle your mind because it does not look like a lab coat) then welcomes all of the attendants, probably with the following speech:

"Friends and comrades, we are gathered here today to honor the officers and crew of Starship Hippocrates who gave their lives in the line of duty. Though they have passed from this world, their memory shall live on with us; through us shall their burdens be borne, that they shall not have died in vain."

Kith and Jayla now do readings of various religious texts appropriate to those of the crew who were religious:

For Starwayists, a passage from the Book of Light:

"In the Void they lived and in the Void they were alone; so they begat children to fill the Void with song. But their children were lesser than they, and blind, for the Void guided them not; and the children did not sing but rather wailed in fear. Then they were sad, and said 'we are alone, for our children are not like us, and they do not give us comfort'. Therefore the Wisest among them took thought, and answered, 'we shall give them comfort by filling the Void with Light; and no more shall they weep.' The others were filled with doubt, and asked 'We need not Light nor Dark to see our way. Yet why are they not like us, for they are of us?' And the Wisest answered them: 'Their path is neither wholly of Light or of Dark, nor wholly of the Firmament or of the Void. We know only that it begins with us and that it ends with us.' From that day there was Light."
For Nullers, the Song of Freedom. It's all about breaking away from the tides and flying free.

For Juridicists, a passage from the Book of Hegemons:

"'You are my hand,' he said, 'and my eye, and my ear.'

'You are my soul,' I answered, 'and my judge, and my life.'

'I am your soul,' he said, 'and your life, but judgment is reserved for the Universe; I am its instrument, as you are mine.' "

For Bibblers, a passage from their holy book:
"Like a drop of water from the sea and a grain of sand, so are a few years among the days of eternity. That is why the Highest is patient with them and pours out his mercy upon them. The compassion of human beings is for their neighbors, but the compassion of the Highest is for every living thing."
Dr Symphony-Hayes reads service records, brief personal histories, etc. for the deceased, and after each name/history, invites anyone else who wants to speak. Hippocrates fills in with a couple of sentences about each crew member and passenger, which covers everyone except for the captain of the Circus Train, who is spoken of by Xan.

Kith and Jayla now place a bound printout of the Bibbler Holy Book in the caskets of the Bibbler, Dr. Price; none of the other religions have ritual bits at this point.

Now, for each of the deceased, a Final Farewell is spoken by the Kith and Jayla (alternating). There is a standard Farewell, and slightly different versions for those who were religious, as follows (note that most of the crew had no professed religion):

(Standard): "<Name> we now commit to the Void, there to remain in honor and tranquility for all time, may s/he rest in peace."

(Starwayist): "<Name> we now commit to the Light, there to return in honor and tranquility to that which made him/her, may s/he rest in peace."

(Nuller): "<Name> we now commit beyond the reach of all tides, there to rest in honor for all time, may s/he rest in peace."

(Juridicist): "<Name>'s body we now commit to the Void, there to abide in honor; and his/her soul we commend to the Universe, may s/he stand at the right hand of his/her Hegemon."

(Bibbler): "<Name> we now commit to the stars with honor, looking to the end of days, when the world shall be reborn, and the Void shall give up its dead to be lifted out of their corrupted flesh; until that day, may s/he rest in peace."

Then the attendants leave the shuttle bay, except for Dr. Kye and James, who don space suits. The bay doors are opened and, one by one, the caskets are lifted by the utility tractor beam (normally used to assist shuttle landings) and pushed out into space. The Starwayist caskets are sent on a course to fall into the nearest star; the Nuller caskets are sent on a carefully calculated course never to intersect with anything (that the ship can see). The rest are put on a course to burn up in Pierogi's atmosphere.

Hippocrates also gives you a list of the crew and passengers:

(Captain): Captain Adrian Bellarion

(Chief Pilot): Lieutenant Maria Romero (Starwayist)
(Middle Watch Pilot): Senior Chief Petty Officer Nicole Chu
(Low Watch Pilot): Petty Officer 3rd Class Oliver Hammond

(Chief Engineer): Lieutenant George Wentworth
(Middle Watch Engineer): Chief Petty Officer Aaron Christie
(Low Watch Engineer): Petty Officer 2nd Class Jennifer Scanlan
(Gravitics Tech): Crewman 2nd Class Boris Rodenko
(Environmental/Hydroponics Tech): Crewman 2nd Class David Purcell (Nuller)

(Executive Officer): Lieutenant Commander Silvio Medici (Reform Juridicist)

(Security): Master Chief Petty Officer Gregor Tukhanov
(Security): Crewman 2nd Class Wendy Broussard

(Shuttle pilot): Chief Petty Officer Ruth Bernstein
(Quartermaster): Crewman 1st Class Lawrence Benson
(Cook/Steward): Crewman 2nd Class Darius Clement
(Computer operator): Crewman 1st Class Sanwei Chen

(Senior Researcher): Dr Creighton Andrews
Dr Annamarie Suhta:
Dr Adam Roland:
Dr Elaine Spangel:
Dr Jonathan Greenberg:
Dr Jason Rollins:
Dr Jacqueline Chambers:
Dr Winston Price (Bibbler)
Dr Melinda Larson:
Dr Kazuko Imura:
Dr Tyler Wentworth:
Dr Li Chou:
Dr Donald Klemperer:
Dr Otto Czerkulski (Reform Juridicist)
Dr Gitta Radzic:
Dr Constantine Pantakous:
Dr Sondra Qabbir:
Maurice Owens, retired Consul from Mainwell:
Bahna Athelezi, renowned physicist and philosopher (Starwayist)
Veronique Corbet, economic analyst: