the Hegemony


The supreme leader of the Hegemony is of course, the Hegemon. Currently, the Hegemon of the Linked Worlds is Vissarion Gabriel Nomarche, who has ruled for the last 3 years since the death of his father, Gabriel Marchand Nomarche. The Nomarche line has ruled the Hegemony unbroken for the last 427 years since the Mad Hegemon, Therrin Horus Telemon executed every other member of his house before dying himself in single combat with his Strategos.

The word of the Hegemon is final in all matters, though the sheer size of the Hegemony makes direct rule somewhat impractical.

The Hegemon's Council, also called the Vocare Maxim, is made up of one representative or Consul appointed by the government of each of the Linked Worlds, subject to the approval of the Hegemon, and three ex officio members, the Strategos of the Hegemony, the Hegemon's Heir Apparent, and the Lord Sentinel of the Elite, though this last member has no vote on the council. Hegemon Gabriel recently added a final member selected by the assembled governments of the Deep Expansion Worlds, until such time as each one reaches the minimum requirements to be considered one the Linked Worlds of the Hegemony.

The Vocare Maxim assists and advises the Hegemon on all matters and is the focus of the Hegemony's vast bureaucracy. The Praetors of each of the nine divisions of the day to day government of the Hegemony are appointed by the vote of the Vocare Maxim, again subject to the approval of the Hegemon.

Provided they obey the basic laws of the Hegemony, and uphold the rights guaranteed to each citizen thereof, each member world was free to govern itself as it saw fit. The requirement that each world be able to appoint a single Consul has generally evolved each planet towards a single government, but exceptions to this rule do still exist.


The Strategos of the Hegemony for the last 12 years has been the younger brother of the current Hegemon, Ambros Gabriel Nomarche. With the exception of the Elite (see below) the Strategos is the supreme commander of all Hegemonic forces, answering only to the Hegemon. There are basically four branches of military forces in the Hegemony.

For the most part, the military of the Hegemony is tasked with upholding the laws and maintaining peace between the Linked Worlds as there has been no outside threat to combat since the fabled days of the Tarn Alliance, from which the Hegemony was formed.

The SkyGuard

The SkyGuard is comprised of all space forces of the Hegemony including the Orbital Battle Stations. Officers of the SkyGuard must graduate from one of the twelve SkyGuard academies, though no one is permitted to attend an academy on the world of his birth. Once commissioned, members of the SkyGuard are stationed throughout the Linked Worlds with frequent transfers to insure that no particular planet gains undue influence over its members.

The Legions

The Legions are essentially the levies of the Linked Worlds. Each of the Linked worlds is required to provide (through whatever means) one half of one percent of its population to serve in the Legions. Each Legion is stationed on the world of its origin though the commanders and higher officers of the Legions are rotated through the worlds on a decadal basis. The Legions provide the main ground troops of the Hegemony, and are instrumental in putting down uprisings, supporting locals against natural disasters, and upholding local laws.

The Guard

The Hegemonic Guard are chosen from applicants from the Legions and constitute the roving army of the Hegemony. While a Legionnaire can expect to never leave the planet of his birth unless he rises to sufficient rank, the Guard are always where the action is. Each of the three Guard divisions has its headquarters on Ridena, though they generally act separately.

The Elite

By far the smallest of the branches, the seventy-seven members of the Elite are the personal company of the Hegemon. They rotate between their two main duties of being the Hegemon's personal guard, and his eyes and ears out among the Linked Worlds. Though they are small in number, each member of the Elite is acquainted with the Hegemon personally, and it is said that no door in the Hegemony is barred to them. Given their numbers, actually encountering an Elite outside of the capital on Ridena is either a great honor, or a grave misfortune.

Date and Time

Timekeeping among multiple systems is difficult to keep synchronized, given the disparity in local planetary rotation. The current method of timekeeping dates back to the Alliance, and nearly everywhere uses it from historical inertia.

``Year'' and ``day'' are local terms, dependent on planetary rotation and revolution. Places with inconveniently sized days may also have something like a local ``cycle'' to keep track of workday-sized chunks of time. ``Hour'' and ``minute'' are standard terms (there are sixty minutes in an hour). Also standard terms are ``tick'' (twenty-four hours) and ``zed'' (365.25 ticks).

Local time would generally be something like ``Winter 15, 14:30'' --- most places have month-like chunks, and local time which counts from 0 (midnight) to whatever number of hours the day ends at, truncating the last hour before midnight to be an arbitrarily short number of minutes.

Standard time is of the form 1873.178.13.09 AS (zed, tick, hour, minute).

The date, as of when you were last paying attention, was 2435.189.12.00 AS.


Almost all monetary transactions in the Hegemony are computerized, though hard currency does exist. The standardized currency is the Hegemonic Aster, which can be fractionated at will since the accounts are kept electronically in any case. (``Your bill will be 4.3453 Asters.'') Think of an Aster as the equivalent of 100 dollars.

Hard currency comes in two types, rare metallic coins often used as collectors items and commemorative medallions so much as currency and plastic sealed chits with unique computer verification chips inside. The plastic Asters are preferred by most when currency transactions are made, though the coins are quite popular in the outworlds.


The lingua franca of the Hegemony is Integral, an elegant language which allows for enough shading of meaning to write poetry, and enough precision that legal documents can be written in only a few pages and understood by normal humans. The Tinoori and the Brochoah both have their own languages, but most speak Integral as well. Cerulean and many of the outworld planets have their own dialects, comprehensible to outsiders when spoken slowly, but otherwise difficult to follow. [Language skills are one point. A true language, such as Tinooranthi, requires eight levels for full fluency; a dialect only requires three levels.]


Religious beliefs are generally a minority view, but there are several religions which have followings across most to all of the planets:


(and Outworlds)

The Deep Expansion Worlds, as they are formally known, are a set of habitable worlds found close together in the Omphalos Dust Nebula. Their close proximity makes it possible to travel between them at sublight speeds in a way that's far more difficult for the rest of the Linked Worlds, though none but the most daring pilots would risk travel through the nebula off of the known routes. However, the rewards for discovering a new habitable world are great, so explorers are drawn to the nebula like moths to a flame.

Settlement of the Outworlds has been taking place for much of the lifetime of the Hegemony, with new jumpgates being constructed in place around Crux. However, as the Outworlds have grown more populous with those who are happier on the frontier, they have grown increasingly dissatisfied with their lack of governmental representation. While they have recently been granted a joint seat in the Vocare Maxim, most Outworlders consider this too little, too late, and mutter about severing the Nonesuch/Gateway jump gate.

The Expansion Worlds' most notorious celebrities are Janina Megaera and the crew of her ship, the Inopportune Moment. One part pirate, one part bard, and three parts rabble-rouser, most Outworlders treat Captain Megaera as something of a force of nature to be endured until one can cash in the encounter for a lifetime of free drinks on the story. Those not born in the outworlds never seem to get the joke.


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