Wilson's Letter
Mr. Wilson -
I fear you are fated now to be forever a fish among the potatoes, the inworlder to the outworlders and yet an Epic Quester to the Orbital to the inworlders. As such, I charge you with three things, which your kinsmen may well remember, but your fellow-travelers will need to be reminded of.

Not dying is important. You will need more than one victory, so martyrs at the outset are to be avoided. Keep an eye on Martan, who is inclined towards this end.

Appeal to self-interest and not only the greater good. Anataya may sometimes need reminding of this.

Finally, it is all right to rest on occasion. Time is not your ally, but neither is it your most dreaded enemy. Do not drive yourselves to the point of non-function in your haste.

Fates keep you, and leave you well at the end of things.

  Dariya Nadezhdava
Sixteenth and last Farseer of Pierogi