Analysis of Guard Division 3 Documents

The plastiflimsies tend to be personnel and inventory manifests and so on, mostly talking about who moves where. The CDs are monthly data hardcopies. This wasn't the Guard headquarters, that was clearly a place somewhere mid-crater. Guard activity is moderately low through 2439, at which point the Guard seems to go on hold (and pieces start getting moved around and off-planet). From the lag times and equipage, plus what you already know, it looks like this is when the war against the outworlds starts. Ridena is generating support and training, whereupon the units go outworld. From the point of view of the Guard, it looks like Vietnam. It's supposed to be easy, in and out and push over the low-tech opponents, but it ends up being a terrible quagmire into which guys keep being thrown. Then, in 2448, it's not just the outworlds; there's an inworld rebellion that needs to be quashed as well. Ridena isn't in rebellion, so it's still behind the front lines, as it were. The outworld campaign appears to be scaling back but doesn't completely drop out. This continues through 2450, as the rebellion seems to be gaining political ground but losing military ground.

Then, it gets confusing. The Guard seems to be getting a new set of orders in addition to the old ones. It takes a while to figure out what's happened here, but eventually you read between the lines and get that the new set of orders is coming from the Hegemon, rather than the Strategos; he's thrown in in support of the political objectives of the rebellion, but the Strategos hasn't backed down, and it's civil war. The Guard who are on Ridena at that point dither over this a little while, but does end up on the side of the Hegemon. They're still "behind the lines" at this point, but in 2453 the civil war comes to the system. The Guard is actively involved in some fighting at this point; they coordinate with the Legions here, and with some small number of Skyguard, and then as of 2453.155, there is nothing at all.