Construction of the Palatium Tamarch

The Palatium was one of the largest structures on Ridena when it was constructed, back in the day of the Tarn Alliance. When the Hegemony succeeded the Alliance, a deliberate decision was made to seat the Hegemon in the Palatium, and to make of it a enduring and symbolic work. The First Brochoah Construction Battalion was tasked with designing and constructing the new Palatium Tamarch, around the shell and structure of the old Palatium. The spire and dome were raised three hundred meters from its old position, and expansion buildings added, integrating material from each of the Linked Worlds.

All material sources were carefully tracked and managed, so that repairs could be done with appropriate replacements. The pillars at the front entrance are of radiative-darkened rhodonite. The twelve stairs of entrance (one for each other Linked World) are of micaceous black marble, and emblazoned with the sigil of each of the worlds in heart-of-tawn. The inner pillars are of malachite, and the inner floor is floored with thumblefuge granite. The balconies around the outer ring are of hand-carved dawn's coral. The First Step memorial is of crystallite, and is replaced annually. The dome and spire are the original emmelium used in the Palatium, but raised an additional hundred meters, and reinforced with emmelium from the original quarry. The inner dome mosaic is constructed of thirty thousand disc of piebald alabastrine. The floor of the Vocari chamber is of syenite, and the side pillars of argen luce. The Hegemon's Gate is of wrought titanium, and the Ocean Walk is paved in tolonite.

The titanium was mined and refined on Vircus. The dawn's coral was harvested and carved on Cerulean. The thumblefuge granite came from Nerele, and the heart-of-tawn from Mainwell. The rhodonite comes from a quarry on Ganfrey, and the black marble from the single largest quarry in the Linked Worlds, on Tiras. The crystallite is local Ridenan stone. The tolonite is quarried and shaped on Eremov, and the emmelium comes from Gateway. The argen luce is one of Godia's prized exports, the malachite is quarried on Cabry, and the syenite is from Heidelmere. The piebald alabastrine, one of the finest of its kind, comes from Tiras Nova.