Summary: Outworlds Psi Changes

Summary of articles (that had reached the Crux libraries by late 2778) on the psi changes in the outworlds following the fall of Pierogi.

Crux and Lendt experienced the largest increases, though they've confirmed some increase everywhere in the outworlds except Rupert's Hole (which they just don't have enough solid data on). Those two are the closest, physically, to Pierogi. It was more of a one-shot increase than a continual climb, though that's a retrospective analysis, since a lot of people didn't notice the increase immediately or weren't able to properly take advantage of it.

The timing is not really clear, because it wasn't immediately obvious, and because people do get better at things without mysterious influences; they're fairly sure it wasn't starting a month before or a month after Pierogi's fall, but there's no "this day is when it happened" to particularly nail down.

There are a number of speculations on the cause; they range from

  1. everyone nearby was able, at some subconscious level, to perceive the destruction of Pierogi, and people are instinctively working themselves up into a more powerful defensive stance
  2. there is some sort of constant amount of psionic energy in the outworlds; that which was lost in the fall of Pierogi was gained by others
  3. some external influence did this as a reaction to the fall of Pierogi