From the few legible pages of the Book of the Hegemon (Puritan):
(It appears to be an original paper copy, not so well preserved)

When the Universe saw, and knew, and was, all of humanity, the Decision was to spare itself from the Fires of Darkness. And so did the Universe send, and command, and become the angels of the light. The angels did walk among humanity and teach, and protect, and serve them. When their time had past, they placed, and directed, and promoted, the Hegemon among man, that He might protect, and preserve, and enforce the Universal Will.

To the Hegemon, the Angels did bestow all power, and knowledge, and wisdom, and He was given dominion, and responsibility, and authority, over all humanity. Only through, and with, and by the Hegemon will the Fires of Darkness be quenched, and endured, and avoided, for the good of all Humanity, and the Will, and the Universe.