EAsT camPUS (2E)

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We're a hall with many traditions. From Beastgiving to mural painting, there's always something fun to do on Beast. Here's a sampling of our culture:


A pot-luck dinner with GRT-baked turkeys and lots of delicious dishes and desserts made by Beast residents and "cruft" (alumni).

Life and Death

Whenever you find a cochroach or spider in your room, call for LifeComm for a capture-and-release or DeathComm for a fiery end.

Princess + LAN

Wear you best dress and tiara and enjoy tea and cookies! And/or set up your gaming desktop with others to LAN all night long.


Residents paint the walls, doors, and even ceilings, some date back several decades! Our name and logo originate from the "The Beast" mural.

Whatever you find interesting, someone on Beast probably does too

caving, baking, singing, rock climbing, coding, video gaming, painting, anime-watching, radio-hosting, knitting, spinning, dining, swimming, hacking, sewing, dying, dyeing, tooling, fish-keeping, sleeping, cosplaying, machining, procrastinating, cuddling, exercising, crafting, crufting, making, wanking, viking


Our GRT (Graduate Resident Tutor) is Alan Long and just started this fall (2016)!

The current hall chairs are Lucy Yang, Alyssa Smith, and Mallory Whalen. You can reach these awesome people by email.

Our residents are always changing, but you can check them out here.

FFT (Free Food Table)

Baked goods for all of hall are placed on the FFT. Also for pick up and drop off of unwanted catering, trinkets, and other reusables.


  Address: 3 Ames Street Cambridge, MA