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I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in the transportation program at MIT, supervised by Prof. Jinhua Zhao and Prof. Haris Koutsopoulos. I completed my dual Master's degree in Transportation and Computer Science at MIT in 2020. Before joining MIT, I got a B.E. degree from Department of Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University in Beijing, advised by Prof. Ruimin Li.

My main research interests are data-driven transportation modeling, demand modeling, and applied machine learning. My current research focuses on rail disruption management, sponsored by Chicago Transit Authority (CTA).

Recent Posts

Visiting Singapore SMART and Hongkong MTR

Wonderful summer trips!

We delivered the network performance model to MTR and provided tutorials. In Singapore, we focus on the competition analysis between Autonomous Vehicle and Public Transit.

First TRB Meeting

I went to the 98th TRB annual meeting in Washington DC

This is my first time to attend TRB meeting.

Start New Life at MIT

I was admitted as a Master student at MIT

Prof Jinhua Zhao at MIT and Prof Haris Koutsopoulos at Northeastern University will co-supervise me. I am sponsered by Hongkong MTR project.