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I am a PhD student at the Center for Theoretical Physics at MIT co-supervised by Isaac Chuang and Aram Harrow. Previously, I was an undergraduate at Caltech. I'm interested in quantum computing, machine learning, and gravity.


See my CV for a full list of publications. (* indicates equal contribution)

  • Hamiltonian simulation for low-energy states with optimal time dependence.
    A. Zlokapa and R. Somma, arXiv:2404.03644 [quant-ph], 2024.
  • Bayesian interpolation with deep linear networks.
    B. Hanin* and A. Zlokapa*, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2023, 120 (23) e2301345120. (arXiv:2212.14457 [stat])
  • Traversable wormhole dynamics on a quantum processor.
    D. Jafferis*, A. Zlokapa*, J. Lykken, D. Kolchmeyer, S. Davis, N. Lauk, H. Neven, and M. Spiropulu, Nature, 2022, 612 51.
  • Entangling quantum generative adversarial networks.
    M. Niu*, A. Zlokapa*, M. Broughton, M. Mohseni, V. Smelyanskyi, and H. Neven, Physical Review Letters, 2022, 128 (22) 220505. (arXiv:2105.00080 [quant-ph])
  • Biological error correction codes generate fault-tolerant neural networks.
    A. Zlokapa, A. K. Tan, J. M. Martyn, M. Tegmark, and I. L. Chuang, arXiv:2202.12887 [cs], 2021.


  • Hertz Fellow
  • DoD NDSEG Fellow
  • Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship
  • Richard Feynman Prize in Theoretical Physics (Caltech)


  • Machine learning forecasts of COVID-19 (article).
  • Causal AI policymaker for malaria prevention at the Citadel Data Open (article).
  • Fake quantum computing papers on the qarXiv, featured on and inspired by the snarXiv.
  • Concept Wordle: my version of Wordle and inspired by Semantle.