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When multiple light paths combine at a given location on an image sensor, an image mixture is created. Demixing or recovering the original constituent components in such cases is a highly ill–posed problem. A number of elegant solutions have thus been developed in the literature, relying on measurement diversity such as polarization, shift, motion, or scene features. In this paper, we approach the image-mixing problem as a time–resolved phenomenon—if every photon arriving at the sensor could be time–stamped, the demixing problem would then amount to separating transient events in time. Based on this idea, we first show that, while acquiring measurements is prohibitive and challenging in the time domain, this task is surprisingly straightforward in the frequency domain.


Key Idea
Phase retreival approach to reflection cancelling cameras

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Keywords: Time-of-Flight, Low-cost, Image, Demixing, Source Separation, Image Processing, Depth Imaging, Calibration-free

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ICASSP 2016http://www.icassp2016.org/Papers/ViewPapers.asp?PaperNum=1092

Time-Resolved Image Demixing

Aurelien Bourquard
Shahram Izadi





Can we undo reflections in images?