Center for Theoretical Physics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Mass Ave, 6-405
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307
Allan W. Adams
office: 617.253.4866
fax: 617.253.8674
awa @ mit,edu

Academic Appointments
MIT Center for Theoretical Physics
2008-              Assistant Professor
2006-2008     Principal Research Scientist

Harvard University Society of Fellows
2003-2006     Junior Fellow
Stanford University
Ph.D., Physics, 2003
Advisor: Eva Silverstein
U.C. Berkeley
M.A., Physics, 2000
Harvard College
A.B., Physics, 1998

Fellowships and Awards
MIT School of Science Teaching Prize for Undergraduate Education, 2009
MIT France Seed Grant, 2007
Harvard Society of Fellows, Junior Fellow, 2003-2006
TIFR Visiting Fellow, Mumbai, India, 2003
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, 1998-2002
Harvard Physics Department White Prize, 1998
Harvard Bok Center CUE Teaching Awards, Physics 15b(1997) & 143a(1998)
Harvard FAS Levenson Memorial Award Nominee, 1997
Patent no. 09/593,716, Three-Dimensional Microstructures, with R. J. Jackman, G. M. Whitesides et al. (filed 6/14/2000)
Professional Activities
KITP Program Proposal Accepted for 2009 (not organizing)
Lecturer, Canada/USA MathCamp 2006, 2007, 2008
Member, American Physical Society, Division for Particles and Fields.
Referee JHEP, Nuclear Physics B, Physical Review Letters, Phys Rev D
Workshops & Schools
TED Global 2009, Oxford
Attendee, July 2009
KITP Workshop on AdS/CMT
Lecturer, July 2009
Aspen Center for Physics, Summer Workshop
Lecturer, June 2009
NBSP Conference, Nashville
Exhibitor, February 2009
MathCamp 2008, Reed College
Lecturer, July 2008
Aspen Center for Physics, Summer Workshop
Lecturer, July 2008
Banff String Workshop
Lecturer, June 2008
Mitchell Workshop on String Theory
Lecturer, March 2008
MathCamp 2007, Colby College
Lecturer, July 2007
KITP Workshop on String Phenomenology
Lecturer, November 2006
Aspen Center for Physics, Summer Workshop
August 2006
MathCamp 2006, U. Puget Sound
Lecturer, July 2006
Amsterdam String Workshop
Lecturer, June 2006
PI Cosmology Workshop
Invitee, October 2005
Benasque String Workshop
Invitee, July 2005
Amsterdam String Workshop
Lecturer, June 2005
CMS Summer School, Hangzhou, China
Lecturer, April-May 2005
Fields Intsitute Workshop on Mirror Symmetry
Lecturer, November 2004
Aspen Center for Physics, Summer Workshop
July-August 2004
Strings 2004, Paris
June-July 2004
Banff String Workshop
June 2004
IPM String School, Anzali, Iran
Lecturer, September-October 2003
Aspen Center for Physics, Summer Workshop
August-September 2003
Stanford Workshop on Strings
Lecturer, February 2003
Aspen Center for Physics, Summer Workshop
Lecturer, July 2002
Institute for Theoretical Physics, M-Theory Program
Affiliate, February-June 2001
PASI 2002, School on Quantum Gravity
Student, Valdivia, Chile, January 2002
Les Houches Session LXXI, Physics of the Early Universe
Student, Les Houches, France, July 1999

Invited Talks    
KITP Workshop on AdS/CMT, July 2009
Aspen Workshop on AdS/CFT, June 2009
UC Boulder Theory Seminar, April 2009
UCB Theory Colloquium, March 2009
Perimeter Institute, Feb 2009
MIT, IAP Colloquium, Jan 2009
Aspen Center for Physics, July 2008
Banff String Workshop, June 2008
MIT Knight Fellowship, May 2008
UNH Physics, April 2008
MIT CTP, March 2008
Mitchell Institute, March 2008
UCSB Math, February 2008
Stanford Physics, February 2008
UC Berkeley Physics, February 2008
MIT Math , November 2007
Michigan Physics, November 2007
Brown Physics, November 2007
MIT CTP, October 2007
Saclay/CEA, May 2007
Stanford Physics, April 2007
MIT Math, April 2007
Brandeis Physics, February 2007
Brandeis Physics, February 2007
U. Chicago, February 2007
Michigan, February 2007
Cornell, January 2007
MIT CTP, December 2006
KITP String Phenomenology Workshop, November 2006
Stanford, November 2006
Amsterdam Workshop, July 2006
Weizmann - Tel Aviv Joint Theory Seminar, April 2006
Brown, April 2006
Wisconsin, April 2006
Johns Hopkins, March 2006
Columbia, March 2006
Harvard, February 2006
McGill, February 2006
BU Physics December 2005
MIT, November 2005
Penn, November 2005
Washington, October 2005
Washington, October 2005
Amsterdam, June 2005
CMS, Hangzhou, China, May 2005
Stanford, May 2005
Harvard Physics, April 2005
Harvard Physics, February 2005
Berkeley, November 2004
Fields Institute, November 2004
Duke, October 2004
Brandeis, October 2004
Harvard, October 2004
Berkeley, June 2004
Stanford, May 2004
MIT LIGO Group, May 2004
Harvard CFA, May 2004
UNH, March 2004
Rutgers, February 2004
MIT, December 2003
Harvard, October 2003
Amsterdam, October 2003
Harvard, October 2003
IPM String School, September-October 2003
HRI Theory Group, August 2003
TIFR Theory Group, March 2003
Stanford String Workshop, February 2003
Duke String Seminar, November 2002
UIUC String Seminar, November 2002
Chicago String Seminar, November 2002
ITP/UCSB Theory Seminar, October 2002
UC Berkeley String Seminar, September 2002
SLAC Theory Seminar, September 2002
Aspen Center for Physics, July 2002
Harvard Postdoc Seminar, May 2002
Harvard Grad Seminar, April 2002
UC Berkeley String Seminar, April 2002
UCSB/ITP Post-Doc Seminar, May 2001
UCSB/ITP Grad Seminar, April 2001
"Computing the Spectrum of a Heterotic Flux Vacuum" [arXiv:0908.4294 [hep-th]]
A.A., Joshua Lapan
"Orbifold Phases of Heterotic Flux Vacua" [arXiv:0908.2994 [hep-th]]
"Exact null tachyons from RG flows" [arXiv:0907.4651 [hep-th]]
A.A., Albion Lawrence, Ian Swanson
"Charged Schrodinger Black Holes" [arXiv:0907.1920 [hep-th]]
A.A., Charles Max Brown, Oliver DeWolfe, Christopher Rosen
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A.A., David Guarrera
"Astro2010 Decadal Survey Whitepaper: Coordinated Science in the Gravitational and Electromagnetic Skies" [arXiv:0902.1527 [astro-ph]]
J.S.Bloom et al.
"1/N Effects in Non-Relativistic Gauge-Gravity Duality" [arXiv:0812.0166 [hep-th, cond-mat]]
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A.A., Xiao Liu, John McGreevy, Alex Saltman, Eva Silverstein
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A.A. and Joshua Bloom
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A.A., Anirban Basu and Savdeep Sethi
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A.A. and Jarah Evslin
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A.A. and Michal Fabinger
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A.A. and Eva Silverstein
"Substrate-based atom waveguide using guided two-color evanescent light fields"
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"Design and Fabrication of Topologically Complex, Three-Dimensional Microstructures"
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"A Connection Approach to Numerical Relativity"
D.C. Salisbury, L.C. Shepley, A. Adams, D. Mann, L. Turvan, B. Turner, Class. Quantum Grav. 11, 2789 (1994) [gr-qc/9403040]
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