The MIT Assassins' Guild

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Scheduled Games


First and Third Saturday of the month, 8-11:00pm, 36-115

Travel to strange new classrooms. Meet interesting, unusual people, and kill them! Patrol is a high-action game of live combat with rubber-dart guns. Shoot your friends, then watch out as they try to take their revenge.

X Camp

Weekend of January 20th
Organizer: Katie Sedlar

Do you want experience writing a game? Do you have some terrible idea? You thought guild camp was hard? Come write a game in 24 hours and then run it the next day!


January 27th - February 5th
GMs: Michael Behr, Arkadiy Frasinich, Spencer Lane, Andrew Menard, Emily Rosser, Andrew Menard

The war is ending, but that doesn't mean that things can go back to the way they were.

For a billion years, the time travelers of Gallifrey rested secure in their civilization's superiority, spending their time playing complicated games of politics and betrayal. Then came the great war, against an omnicidal alien race seeking universal destruction, which grew until it threatened Time itself. Time has been saved-- but it came with a high cost.

Gallifrey and its enemies are being ripped out of Time and Space, to emerge somewhere else and become the foundation of a new universe. You have a brief time in which to save what can be saved, and perhaps to destroy what should be destroyed, to set the stage for this new future.

Gallifrey is a ten-day game of intrigue, time travel, loss and second chances. Gallifrey is written by Michael Behr, Arkadiy Frasinich, Spencer Lane, Andrew Menard, Emily Rosser and Ariel Segall, and will be running under the auspices of the MIT Assassins' Guild January 27-Feb 5, 2017. While the game is based on the Doctor Who universe, no prior knowledge of the universe is required or expected to play.