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Scheduled Games (Summer 2017)


First and Third Saturday of the month, 8-11:00pm, 36-115

Travel to strange new classrooms. Meet interesting, unusual people, and kill them! Patrol is a high-action game of live combat with rubber-dart guns. Shoot your friends, then watch out as they try to take their revenge.

Castillian Kings: Intrigue and Inquisition

Weekend of June 24th
GMs: Kendra Beckler, Bram Sterling

In 1328, some of the greatest political and religious leaders of the Middle Ages have gathered in Navarre. With King Charles I of Navarre recently deceased, and Papal Inquisitions ever a threat, the fate of Europe hangs in the balance. Plotting, backstabbing, and negotiating are the order of the day; arranged marriages and secret liaisons are not far behind.

The Kingdoms of France and Navarre have been closely aligned since the late 13th century. With Joanna I, daughter of the King of France, the presumed claimant to the throne of Navarre, what will happen to the ties between the two kingdoms?

In the Kingdom of England, it has been almost two years since the notorious King Edward II was deposed by his wife, made to sit trial and judged guilty of incompetence (among many other charges), and presumed assassinated. His son, King Edward III, is on his honeymoon trip to the Continent. What will happen between father and son when accidentally reunited?

On the religion scene, the current Pope in Avignon has been inflaming Catholic leaders around Europe with his controversial opposition to the Beatific Vision. A new Antipope has just come to power by popular support in the Vatican. What will Pope John XXII do about the new Antipope?

In Iberia, Papal Inquisitions, created in the late 12th century as a way to combat the Albigensian heresy in southern France, are ever-present threats to the non-Catholic communities - which is a problem, as the majority of the peninsula's inhabitants have been Muslims since the Islamic al-Andalus in the 8th century. With the current pope publicly tolerant of Judaism and Islam (despite the backlash from the Archbishops and Antipope over this), will the Abrahamic religions figure out how to coexist?

This game features real historical characters in 1328. Each character's life up until 1328 is exactly what it says in the history books, with only discrepancies, gaps, and motivations filled in. However, with key religious and political figures all in the same place at the same time, the future of Europe is up for grabs.

Guild Camp 16

Kickoff on July 1st
Games weekend of July 15th
Organizer: Ken Clary
GMs: You!

Want to get some real experience writing a game with the Assasssins' Guild? Have too much free time this summer? Then come to Guild Camp! Write a short game in two weeks! New and experienced GMs are welcome.

Pounded in the Butt by a Minigame

Weekend of July 22nd
GMs: Mehitabel Glenhaber and Rachel Nations

You are a hard buckaroo looking for someone to roughhouse with in a NORMAL way. Find the hardest buds by asking the REAL questions--but be careful of void creatures and devilmen.

A quick frivolous blind dating LARP based on the works of Chuck Tingle, the award winning author of "Pounded In the Butt by My Own Butt" and "Space Raptor Butt Redemption."

Trapped in the Hangar Bay

Weekend of July 29th
GMs: Sean McCormack, Aislinn McCormack

Greetings, heroic pilots. We will soon be reaching the site for the final battle. Please prepare to launch.

Also please ensure you are cleared for takeoff by the commanding officer and the psychologist. And check that the chief engineer has finished all repairs and maintenance for your machine. Please remember how much everyone has worked and sacrifice so you may have a chance of winning the upcoming fight for humanity's survival. No pressure.

"Trapped In the Hangar Bay" is a game with light mechanics about anime mecha pilots (and some support crew) waiting to get to the final battle for all of mankind and dealing with their emotional issues. This game involves characters that have been fighting inhuman monsters via piloted robots, some of whom that did so from childhood into adulthood. Many of the characters in this game are close to breaking. This game is based off the mecha genre of anime. A trope of this genre is the instability of the young pilots. There is the well known series called Neon Genesis Evangelion that was a large influence for this game. This game attempts to handle and explore the potential of emotional and psychological traumas that children through young adults fighting in effectively a war may experience. We've tried to handle everything as respectfully as possible. If there is something you are worried may impact your ability to play this game, please contact the GMs. This LARP is PG-13.

Oglaf: Cockmoon Rising

Weekend of August 12th
GMs: Sam Dukhovni, Mehitabel Glenhaber

*Once in a hundred years, the Cockmoon rises in the sky, bringing with it powerful and mysterious energies. Where its light shines, curses may be cast or lifted, rare potion components may be found, and dicks are sometimes mysteriously transformed into bees. Now, in the last hours of the Cockmoon, the residents of the village are gathered in the town square to tie up their personal affairs before the Cockmoon vanishes once more.*

Oglaf: Cockmoon Rising is a very silly game featuring ridiculous magic and implausible absurdist sex. It is a Triple Blind style LARP loosely based on the webcomic Oglaf (no experience with Oglaf is required to play)

(Basically every character in this game will have plots involving ridiculous absurd sex mechanics, and due to the random nature of character assignments it will be hard for us to do specific casting. Sex won't be particularly graphic or anything, but if large amounts of talking about sex makes your uncomfortable, this may not be the game for you)

Mad Science Funding Council

Weekend of August 19th
GMs: Sam Dukhovni

The thirty-seven suns never set upon the planets of Her Eternal Majesty, Queen Victoria’s Galactic Empire. On the planet of Bletchley, it is January 15th: the day of the annual meeting of the Privy Council.

The Privy Council is responsible for providing fiduciary patronage for projects of interest to the Empire. Planetary Govern0r Ethan Gibson Huxley IV has generously lent the use of a suite in his executive palace for the occasion. From across Bletchley, scientists, inventors, lunatics, and other notable and learned folk have gathered in the capitol to petition for allotments from the Privy Council.

There is surely no truth to the rumours that the Planetary Govern0r’s clones have taken to warring amongst themselves, nor could they be plotting an insurrection against Her Eternal Majesty’s lawful government. The gorilla sighted running across New Trafalgar Square last Thursday was surely an aberration. All is well and peaceful in Her Eternal Majesty’s Galactic Empire.

Mad Science Funding Council is a horde LARP in the vein of Time Travel Review Board and City Council of Hound’s Teeth. A small number of players will play a set of privy council members, and the rest will play a rotating cast of misfits, scientists, vagabonds and con artists who will come through requesting funding. The council’s decisions may well determine the fate of the Galactic Empire. This game is set in the year 2500 in a far-future steampunk setting, where the Galactic Empire is ruled by the preserved brain of Her Imperial Majesty Queen Victoria.