The MIT Assassins' Guild

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To forgive is not our policy.

Scheduled Games


First and Third Saturday of the month, 8-11:00pm, 36-115

Travel to strange new classrooms. Meet interesting, unusual people, and kill them! Patrol is a high-action game of live combat with rubber-dart guns. Shoot your friends, then watch out as they try to take their revenge.

Persephone's Gift

Weekend of September 16th
GMs: Kendra Beckler (written by Dan Kane)

The Spacer world Persephone is in trouble. A mutation in the native life led to the collapse of Persephone's carefully managed environment. The atmosphere is now unbreathable and human life impossible outside of force-field-covered areas.

The Settler world of Echo is also troubled. The support for colonization was cut before the new ecology was stable. Without an additional injection of citizens the terraforming project will fail.

A plan was devised to overcome both worlds problems by relocating the population of Persephone onto Echo. For this to work, though, both sides will need to overcome the centuries-long mistrust between Settlers and Spacers, and deal with their cultural differences, especially with respect to the use of robots.

Persephone's Gift is a one-night set in the universe of Isaac Asimov's robot novels. Expect to see scheming, politics and robots.

Good Intentions

Weekend of September 23rd
GMs: Kimberly Beder, Haley Bates, Will Kalb

Heaven has gone way over quota and Saint Peter is looking for any and every excuse to send people to Hell. To deal with the sudden influx of darned souls, Satan has opened up a Tenth Circle of Hell called Scarytown to punish people who have committed minor sins. So if you're the type of person who never leaves a tip, texts in movie theaters, or hits the "door close" button in people's faces, you might just find yourself in Scarytown when you hit that light at the end of the tunnel. It's a place where the bus is always late, the coffee is always cold, and the tap water smells like brimstone.

Satan is stopping by for his annual inspection, and the residents of Scarytown are scrambling to get their usual celebration ready. Unfortunately, the decorations are all overpriced, the only place that caters is Pizza Hut, and nobody can agree on a party theme! Plus, there is a strange visitor who claims to have seen other afterlives... the party is starting in less than four hours and it's looking like a total disaster!

Good Intentions is a four-hour game of sin, eternal damnation, and party planning.

Dark Matter: The Tides of Rebellion

Weekend of September 30th
GMs: Benjamin Lehnert

Welcome to Dark Matter: Tides of Rebellion. A brief overview, you are a squad of rebels on a small mining colony operated by Volkov-Rusi. Their claims to your colony are tenuous and strong-armed at best, and you are sick of it. Its time to throw of the chains of the megacorps, take back the means of production, and live as free peoples. Good luck.

This game is designed to teach you the fundamentals of the Assassins' Guild SIK (Society for Interactive Killing) mechanics, like operating nerf guns successfully, basic tactics and terminology, and standard set-ups you might see in more complicated games. It is a great introduction if you like nerf gun combat, or most anything particularly fast-paced and athletic.

The Final Voyage of the Mary Celeste (Remix)

Weekend of October 7th
GMs: Xavid

It is November 1872. The brigantine Mary Celeste has been at sea for 23 days en route from New York to Genoa with a cargo of 1700 casks of commercial alcohol. It is a cargo with which the ship's complement is unfamiliar. The Mary Celeste lies approximately 500 miles off the island of Santa Maria in the Azores...

A week later, the ship is found, abandoned, its cargo untouched. The crew is never found. Over the years, many bizarre theories have arisen to explain what happened on that fateful night, from aliens, to sea monsters, to time travelers. But what if they were all true?

The Final Voyage of the Mary Celeste is a classic LARP by Jim MacDougal, with additional material by Mike Young and others. This version has remixed mechanics, but it's still a bit different from Guild defaults.

Madoka Magica: Wild Hunt

Weekend of 10/21
GMs: Michael Behr, Rachel Nations

ATTN: All magical girls in the city limits. Yes, that means you.

The Wild Hunt is coming.

We've lost contact from three towns in the past month. We had some good girls in those towns. Few of them had over ten witch kills each, been at the job for years. We can only hope they're dead now.

I know you'd like to keep up your little territory disputes and hope someone else deals with it, but too bad. It will hit us, and you will die.

So we're going to put our grudges aside. We go in, we kill the big witch at the center, we save the city. I'd like to tell you that we'll make it back out, but I'm not gonna lie to you here. We're about to get a first-hand reminder of why none of us survive long enough to become magical women.

Guild Meeting

Weekend of November 4th
GMs: The High Council

The Guild's semesterly meeting. There will be free food, some policy discussions, and possibly some mastering.


Weekend of November 11th
GMs: Katie Sedlar, Mats Ahlgren

A late-summer meteor shower rains down green streaks across the sky. Yet this astronomical phenomenon did not exist in antiquity; it is less than a year old.

Back home in Stonegate-upon-Vonne, the city sleeps not-so-quietly in the night. By gaslight, families discuss sightings of not-exactly-animals scurrying across rooftops and gratings. An atmosphere of superstition and caution casts a shadow across the recent scientific discoveries and national defense projects. Word is spreading on the streets: the Occurrences have increased... the disappearances, the growling, the claw marks visible when the day breaks... Nearby towns are experiencing their first emergency curfew. The hospitals are crowded with the shunned plaguetouched, and armored cars are often seen heading towards the distant asylums.

However, these are all urban phenomena, and you're not in the city.

Today it is a warm summer afternoon. You are young adults of diverse background, sent away from the city for your own safety. Branches rustle and tree frogs chirp as you settle into the forest cabins.

The schedule at Camp Clearwater for tonight may seem fairly light. There will be survival training seminars. There will be physical competitions to test one's skills. And of course for the rambunctious and hormonal, there will be the usual rumor mills and social posturing, perhaps even the fragile possibility of blossoming relationships. For the adventurous, legends and stories from prior years may shine some light for wilderness explorers... or at least keep the campfire interesting.

Enjoy the summer away from the emergency. Perhaps in your spare time, you might be able to piece together fact from fiction, discover who you are, and even effect meaningful change of some sort... or another. Hopefully things won't get out of hand.

The Sun Rises Over Agua Dulce

Weekend of December 2nd
GMs: Haley Brandt-Erichsen, Jack Cockerill, Joy Perkinson

Somebody shot the sheriff, and this town ain't big enough for deputies. This town is a shit hole in a radiation-bathed wasteland, where water is in short supply. So the Beauregards dug a well, looking for water. Instead they found gold. Black gold. One of the Carroll brats ratted us out to the megacorps, and it didn't take long before they descended on the place like a swarm of Caltronics Surveillance Buzzards. Everyone knows Caltronics wants the oil as raw material to build more augs. The Cartel probably wants it for some wacko new drug. And Dominion-Westinghouse? We don't rightly know what they want it for, and you can bet they won't tell you.


Sorry, my neural implant's acting up. I'd better go get it checked out by that outsider lady who married into the Washingtons. What with tensions running high round here, gotta make sure it's in prime condition, in case someone gets it in their head to shoot me and leave my body for the vampire lizards.

Better get goin'. Feel free to make yourself at home. As best you can, anyway. Welcome to Agua Dulce, you poor bastard.

The Sun Rises over Agua Dulce is a 3-day game set in post-apocalyptic Texas and written by Haley Brandt-Erichsen, Jack Cockerill, and Joy Perkinson. No vampire lizards will appear.

Safety School

Weekend of December 9th
GMs: Mehitabel Glenhaber, Isaac Grosof

It's orientation day at Miskatonic University! Everyone is excited to meet their new classmates, sign up for classes and to compete in awkward orientation activities for the ultimate glory of the nameless ones. Maybe between "mandatory" orientation events, trying to find a goat to sacrifice so you can sign up for Latin 101, and wondering why none of the angles in the dinning hall seem to add up right, you'll make some new friends!