The MIT Assassins' Guild

To err is human...
To forgive is not our policy.

Scheduled Games (Fall 2018)


First and Third Saturday of the month, 8-11:00pm, 36-115

Travel to strange new classrooms. Meet interesting, unusual people, and kill them! Patrol is a high-action game of live combat with rubber-dart guns. Shoot your friends, then watch out as they try to take their revenge.

Long Ago and Far Away (Rush Game)

Weekend of 9/15
GMs: Stephen Balzac, Aimee Yermish, Adira Balzac

Did you feel like wolves and dragons always got a bad rap? Think the
princesses were too prissy? Ever wonder what to do with Djinn that's
had a bit too much gin? Wanna see those evil viscounts and stepmothers
get what's coming to them? Or maybe come out on top for a change? Join
us for *Long Ago and Far Away*, a short LARP based in a world of
fractured and intersecting fairy tales, where magic is real, the
animals talk, and "happily ever after" isn't guaranteed.

Triple Blind

Weekend of 9/22

Tonight is a night for celebration! Tomorrow, our two countries,
Fandonia and Freedonia, will finally sign a treaty ending years of
rivalry and bloody war. For tonight, we celebrate with a diplomatic
dinner at the Freedonian Embassy.

Of course, there are those that would rather see the treaty fail.
Revolutionaries, looking to depose the Fandonian King. Freedonian’s
Opposition Party, looking to force a new election and seize power. Any
number of individuals with their own, competing interests. But no
matter - this historic dinner, will shape the future of Freedonia and
Fandonia for decades to come. With nine diplomats working towards a
common goal, what could possibly go wrong?

Triple Blind is a 1-2 hour game for 9 players, with characters randomly
distributed so that even the GM doesn’t know who has what allegiances

Singularity: The Transhuman Dating Show

Weekend of 9/29
GMs: Eleanor Graham

Singularity! Humanity’s most popular dating show, where all our guests
find that special someone (or something!) [Applause.] Broadcast to over
ten planets across four realities, Singularity matches each lucky guest
Star with three suitors and allows them to choose the one they feel
will take them to the top of the world... and beyond.

Humankind has discovered the technology to surpass our previous form.
No longer bound by the rules of humanity, we are able to craft
ourselves anew. With our bodies expanded and identities altered, our
sense of self can now linger in the space between abstraction and
self-actualization. Humanity has become something else, something other.

No longer the narrow flock of fleshy humanoid we once were, you will
instead find androids, human-esque constructs, abstract qualities such
as Joy and Happiness made sentient, living next door to an ageless
being with no face. Massive, living computer banks work side-by-side
with quantum ghosts and electric skeletons. People change who and what
they are according to infinite possibility.

With all our fantastic, impossible advancements, one fundamental aspect
of humanity still eludes us:

Finding the one.

Singularity is a narrativist, minimal-rules LARP by Caitlynn Belle and
Josh Jordan.


Weekend of 10/6
GMs: twohlers


In some of the deepest mining shafts on the planet, your team was
extracting rare ores, and trying to stay out of the way of the Company
researchers who had come down here to study who knows what. But now
something has gone horribly wrong, and a cave in has happened, leaving
one of your team dead, and several others injured and without their
memories. It'll take hours to clear the rubble -- but the computer says
you have at most three hours of air left.

This far down, some of the world's religions say demons live. Those
sounds you hear are only the rocks settling, right?

*Please note: this game will be conducted in low lighting conditions.
There will be many dark themes in the game including dealing with the
aftermath of an accident in which a friend/loved one died, questions of
who may be responsible for this, trauma in character backstory
including death of parents, and the prospect of facing death away from
your loved ones. A major theme of the game is human mortality, as well
as issues of family, trust, and paranoia.*

Slouching Towards Bedlam

Weekend of 10/20
GMs: Jesse Ashcraft-Johnson, Will Kalb

Bethlehem Royal Hospital has been your home and prison for the past few
years. The rhythms of daily life in the madhouse have been maybe a
comfort, or maybe a curse. Either way, you've grown accustomed to your
incarceration here.

But recently, the asylum has been disturbed by strange happenings.
Irregular rumblings in the basements, ethereal figures half-glimpsed in
the corners of tired eyes, a hard-to-place miasma of uneasiness
settling over the other inmates.

Even the staff seems perturbed, and their distraction has made it much
easier for you to move freely through the asylum. Now may be your
chance to make your move. All the plans and schemes you've concocted
can finally be put into action. They don't understand. You're not
crazy. You're the only one who isn't crazy!

Slouching Towards Bedlam is a game of insanity and madness. When
everyone else is crazy, your own firm grip on reality is the only thing
you have.

So. Tell me about your mother...

Neo Yokio: The LARP: The Anime!!

Weekend of 10/27
GMs: Mehitabel Glenhaber, Robert Rusch, Taylor Sims

"Neo Yokio is the greatest city in the world. It is the most populous
urban agglomeration in North America. But its prestige does not
merely stem from its size. From Bronx prefecture to the aquatic
elegance of Battery Park, Neo Yokio is a diverse of labyrinth of
cultural,architectural, and sartorial innovation. No wonder it plays
host to many of the world’s most prestigious events, such as the
Grand Prix and the Lacrosse World Cup.

Of course, whenever a city becomes the envy of the world, problems are
bound to arise. In the 18th century, the first wave of demonic attacks
wreaked havoc on Neo Yokio. From origins unknown, hateful creatures
sought to ravage the city on a mass scale.

In a brilliant move, the mayor brought over magicians from the Old
World, colloquially called ratcatchers, to exorcise the demons from
the city. In exchange for citizenship, these magi used their powers
to cleanse Neo Yokio. Many of their descendants are now part of Neo
Yokio high society, adding to our rich cultural tapestry. Although
demonic threats have been greatly minimized, you will still be
subject to search and questioning at our discretion. Please have your
documents ready, and welcome to Neo Yokio."

- Neo Yokio Board of Tourism, sponsored by Ralph Lauren

Based on the award winning anime by the lead singer of Vampire
Weekend, starring Jaden Smith, comes an all new real-space
collaborative simulation community theater experience… Neo Yokio: The
LARP: The Anime!! ! Don't be hikikomori, come and play!

(No capitalisms were deconstructed in the making of this game)

Murder on the Starlight Express

Weekend of 11/3
GMs: Ken Clary, Charles Hope, Jayson Lynch

Do you want to play the First One-Night Ever? A game that over 200 of
your previous guild members have played? Then sign up for Starlight!
It's older than the entire High Council! Back from the dead!

Oh, you want to know what it's about?

Well, the original blurb said:

"Captain, I think I've found something!"

"What is it, Officer?"

"I think it's the Science Officer, sir..."

"So, what's the big deal?"

"Well, he's dead, sir...."

"Oh bloody hell..."

Welcome to "Murder on the Starlight Express", a six hour,
experimental murder mystery assassin game. You can be one of ten
crewmen trapped onboard the Freighter Gabriel, on course from Ceti
Alpha 6 to Epsilon Eridani 4, with a murderer (or two) trapped on
board. It's the classic whodonit, but in assassin style, where the
criminals can shoot back, and maybe even shoot first.

Midnight in Brooklyn

Weekend of 11/10
GMs: Jesse Ashcraft-Johnson

Pack your messenger bags for the hippest after-party this side of
Flushing Ave! Hobnob with a motley crew of mustache bloggers, home-brew
sriracha bottlers, typewriter poets, gastropub foodies, philosophy
majors, normcore plaid designers, and vintage zine curators. Our hosts
will be serving up a locally-grown crop of underground DJs and ambient
noise artists to kickstart the mumblepunk right out of your discerning
eardrums. Browse our spread of locally-grown cheeses, cruelty-free
microgreens, and artisanal hand-pulled taco trucks. Locavore, paleo and
freegan options are available.

Midnight in Brooklyn is a low-plot, high-aesthetic party game of
hipsters and irony. Characters will be hyper-specific examples of the
hipster species, and players are encouraged to exaggerate and add to
the character for maximum hilarity.

Here Lies the Abyss

Weekend of 11/24
GMs: Alcor Hilliard, Dalton Allan

And so is the Golden City blackened
With each step you take in my Hall.
Marvel at perfection, for it is fleeting.
You have brought Sin to Heaven
And doom upon all the world."

Before you invaded the Golden City and became the first darkspawn, you
were the mage-lords who ruled the world. As the seven high priests of
the gods of Tevinter and retainers and companions thereof, it is your
collective task to determine a route to the gods' domain, who you will
bring, what you will gain from it, and how you will preserve your
nation in your absence. An over-expanded and war-torn Tevinter is
losing faith in its dragon gods and thus losing support in you; it is
up to you now to salvage what you can, if not bring the nation to an
even greater position once you cross over.

Here Lies the Abyss is a 4-6 hour one night Guild game set in the
Dragon Age universe. You do not need to be familiar with pre-existing
Dragon Age plot or characters to play the game. It will be a
small-gamespace game primarily centered around debate and the
collective plot of how to advance your own goals while collecting the
resources, personnel, and assistance to breach from the mortal world
into the spirit world. There will be character depth and development
and plenty of roleplaying; it will not simply be Resource Collection
Board Game The Larp.

Fall Guild Meeting

Weekend of 12/1
GMs: The High Council

The Guild's semesterly meeting. There will be free food, some policy
discussions, possibly some mastering, and free food. If you want the
Guild to continue to exist and make good choices about how it works,
you should show up to this meeting! And you should eat the free food.

Upton Manor

Weekend of 12/8
GMs: Alex Dehnert, Thomas Wohlers, ikdc, Naomi Hinchen

England, 1922.

At Upton Manor, home of the Earl of Moncreiff, the two branches of the
family are poised to reconcile after a long and bitter feud. But when an
unexpected death occurs, the mood quickly devolves from joy and
merriment into suspicion and scheming, as blame is cast and everyone
rushes to see how they can best turn the situation to their advantage,
while still keeping up a proper facade of grief.

Upton Manor is a four hour game of intrigue, secrets, and romance, with
a dash of murder thrown in. Though using the veneer of a murder mystery
as a framing device, intrigue and character relationships take priority
over the actual mystery, with most characters being far more interested
in blaming their rivals or covering up any scandal than in actual