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Have you ever wanted to join Starfleet, exploring the universe in the great tradition of James Kirk or Jean-Luc Picard? Or would you rather be a Romulan or a Cardassian, finally putting those smug insufferable Federation types in their proper place? What about one of those weird aliens that only show up for one episode and vanish again? Well, here's your chance...

           *******   *******    *****    ******
           ***         ***     ***  **   ***  **
           *******     ***     *******   ******
                **     ***     ***  **   *** **
           *******     ***     ***  **   ***  **

           *******   ******    *******   ***  **
             ***     ***  **   ***       *** **
             ***     ******    *****     *****
             ***     *** **    ***       *** **
             ***     ***  **   *******   ***  **

        :::::::::::: The Next Short Game ::::::::::::
It has been many years since the Cardassians left the planet Bajor. It has been a few years since the discovery of a stable wormhole leading to the Gamma Quadrant. Tensions are running high between the various galactic empires. The Federation and the Klingons, still peaceful, are finding it more and more difficult to tolerate each other. The Cardassians, angered by increasing attacks from the Maquis, have stepped up their defenses and have threatened war with the Federation. The Romulans have sat back and watched everything with a gleeful eye, in wait for just the right moment to strike.

``Captain's Log: Stardate 50643.28. The Rinehart has been ordered to effectuate a rescue mission of a Cardassian prisoner transport ship, which has crashed on the planet Gallatis, inside Federation territory. This diverstion will result in a delay in getting Dr. Subek to Triminelle, but the doctor has taken the news surprisingly well.

``Stardate 50644.67. We have taken up orbit around the planet. It seems to be unstable gravitationally, and has a high concentration of metals and energy patterns in the atmosphere, interfering with our sensors. Science Officer Duron and Chief Engineer Nawraki have managed to get some minimal readings. Ten humanoid life forms have been found, on the same small island the gravitational instability centers on. Commander Riker will be beaming with his landing party down shortly to investigate.''

Star Trek: The Next Short Game is a one night game by Nathan Sanders, Kate Mahoney, and Charles Hope with help from Meg McCallion, Pier Ho, and Mike Earl. It will be running twice per night on the 9th and 10th of September, from approximately 7:30pm - 2:30am. For more info, send mail to <shorttrek2@mit.edu>.

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