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IAP 1996

Galactic Diplomatic Register & Review

***Long-awaited Summit Set to Begin***

"Twenty-nine Pachlet Cycles ago, when the great Lomin historian Abelara founded the Union for Progress with the express purpose of bringing the great powers of the galaxy together to solve their problems at the negotiating table, analysts maintained that he must be mad. Today, with the arrival of a T'Nari Senior Ambassador V'talen aboard the Dreadnought Fire Angel in orbit around this desolate and--until now--forgotten world, the first step in the UFP's grand vision has been achieved. So far, military analysts say that none of the races has violated the preliminary agreements regarding the number and type of warships allowed within this system for the duration of the conference, and at this time, no fire has been exchanged between any of the ships in orbit, though some attribute this to the fact that the T'Nari battle squadron has taken up an orbital position exactly opposite that of the Marr. At the starport game room, the odds of the truce holding have been pegged at 20 to 1 against, and the latest over/under for the number of ships crashing into the planet or burning up in its atmosphere in the next week (presumably as the result of battle damage) has been set anywhere from 2 1/2 to 5 1/2 by various betting houses...

...At the same time, there are some reasons to believe that the tremendous efforts of the UFP in organizing this conference may be paying off. Pundits across the galaxy were stunned yesterday when Weebel Senior Ambassador Glok'nuor, in a prepared speech, referred to the Gro*ka as "our ancient enemy". Analysts note that this is possibly the most positive statement ever made about the Gro*ka by the Weebel government in memory, and the lack of any mention of genocide or extermination in Ambassador Glok'nuor's statement is considered highly encouraging by most experts. The battle force brought by the Old Ones has prudently taken up an orbital position opposite that of the El'Korath, and no mention of a holy war has been made so far. Yesterday, Darkstar Two was only a little-known freeport in an obscure corner of the galaxy. Tomorrow, as the delegates make their opening statements, Darkstar Two may be a landmark remembered for ages to come as the place where the Seven finally made their peace, or it may remain forgotten, as it has been for all these years..."

_Peace_in_Our_Time_ is a ten-day science fiction game written for IAP 1995 by Abbe Cohen, Brian Litofsky, Jerry Marty, Morris Matsa, Mike Person, and Mike Richters. The game ran from January 12 - January 21, 1995