wavy dagger logoNexus: Operation Torronan Horse

(IAP 1998)

The Toronnan Combine. Spanning three planets, it is an authoritarian empire based on a strict military hierarchy. Under the billowing smoke of the industrial complexes of Phill, Toronnan storm-trooper special forces train constantly. Everyone knew the Toronnan would love to get their hands on another World, but nobody though they had the guts to do it...

The K'sh'likti. A seemingly-peaceful monarchy on the planet P'shah, the K'sh'likti are the sole keepers of the secret of Fey, the magical force that their kind have wielded throughout the centuries. Though always secretive, the K'sh'likti have always been quick to put their knowledge to use for the good of the Twenty Worlds, even being the sole form of communication between worlds during the aftermath of the holy war against technology. Nobody ever knew that the K'sh'likti had an elite caste of Shadowtroopers in secret underground bases, or that the peace-loving magi could also be deadly...

November 24, Church Year 191. Crimson Thursday

"Cargo fleet Alpha, you are cleared for the jump into Realspace."

"Thank you, Shiva checkpoint. Commencing jump now." The 20 massive living ships slowly faded from view. Inside their flagship the Toronnan captain watched as the black void of Nullspace seen through the translucent eyelets of his ship was replaced by the vista of the planet P'shah below them. The sun was just rising over the horizon, and its light glinted from the asteroid ring circling the planet, and from the yellow hide of the massive orbiting station growing in the captain's view. A few fighters buzzed around the station like insectoid creatures they were.

"Vishnu station this is cargo fleet Alpha, taking up holding position in the asteroid ring to await landing clearance." The captain clenched his fingers on the arm of his chair. Now was the moment of truth. Inside the massive innards his ship, and the nineteen others like it, troopships, fighters, and even whole cruisers were coming to life in preparation for the fight ahead. Storm-troopers had already strapped on their chitinous armor. Spore-guns, quill-throwers, and pod-launchers were already being drawn from their baths of nutritious fluids and into the waiting hands of the elite of the Toronnan military. Priests and warriors alike breathed a final prayer to the Saint of War as they readied themselves for the trial ahead. Five more minutes and they would be on their way to their destiny. But if the K'sh'likti hadn't bought it, if Vishnu opened fire now, then it would all be over.

"Cargo fleet alpha, you are cleared for unloading at Hecate City docks in 2 hours. Take up your holding pattern.

"Thank you, Vishnu station." The captain breathed a sigh of relief as his ship thrust itself through space toward the welcome cover of the asteroids. The other ships followed suit, and within minutes they were safely out of Vishnu's line of fire. Taking a deep breath, the captain stood, and engaged the intership frequency."

"Warriors of the Toronnan Combine, this is an historic occasion. The order is, begin operation Toronnan Horse." Deep in the asteroids, each of the nineteen massive creatures opened its gaping maw, and death poured forth...

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|  \| |  _|  \  /| | | \___ Operation Toronnan Horse 
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"Nexus: Operation Toronnan Horse" is set in the universe of the Nexus 10-day Assassin game (hopefully running soon). It is based on an actual battle that takes place 8 years before Nexus and the peace conference on Hol. This is a SIK game, and as such, there will be much running around with plastic thingys and much shooting of foam and plastic projectiles, with a little bit of plot thrown in on the side. Nexus: OTH will be running on the applicants' choice of January 23rd, 24th, 30th, and 31st - one or two runs will occur on the most popular dates (hopefully the Fridays so we don't have to punt Patrol). The game will most likely run from 1800h to 0100h with a break in the middle.