wavy dagger logo Anatomy of an International Crisis

Date: September 16, 1990
Location: Courtyard, Tower of London
Time: 9:00 PM GMT

``...this, then, is my hope: that all men may finally realize that violence truly is the last refuge of the incompetent. Thank you, and peace.'' With these words, Mikhail Gorbachev steps down from the podium and is met by thunderous applause. It's 9:00 Greenwich Mean Time: Midnight in Moscow. A flash of lightning, an explosion, and a gunshot later, Gorbachev is dead.

Location: London Bridge
Time: 9:15 PM GMT

After an exchange of gunfire, the assailant is disarmed by Commander James Bond and dragged away by Gorbachev's KGB bodyguards. Later, the London Police are unable to determine the whereabouts of the assailant and issue a warrant for his arrest.

Date: September 21, 1990
Location: American Embassy, Moscow
Time: 1:10 AM Local Time

A man claiming to be an American Citizen appears on the steps of the US Embassy and asks to see the Ambassador. Five minutes later, a squad of KGB agents appears and asks to see him. The man, Nathan Youngman, is given political asylum.

Date: September 22, 1990
Location: Moscow, USSR
Time: 11:15 AM Local Time

The Vice-President of the United States arrives for Gorbachev's funeral, and is met by a large Soviet Delegation. They inform her that she will not be allowed to leave the USSR until Nathan is returned to them and ``duly punished for his crimes against the Soviet State.'' The VP asks to speak with the US President, and is allowed to do so.

Date: Yesterday night
Time: 12 midnight, Moscow Standard Time

US military forces around the world are put on alert; Soviet forces quickly follow suit. The President promises that if the Vice-President is not home in 10 days, there will be war.

Welcome to Midnight in Moscow, an assassin game of international espionage and diplomacy set in the cold war USSR. The MIT Assassin's Guild invites you to spend 10 days playing a politburo member, the head of the KGB, or maybe even the Vice-President of the United States in this real-world scenario.

Midnight in Moscow is brought to you this time by David Oh, Jeremy Brown, Bryn Mowry, James Kirtley, and Phil Nesser. It was originally run in February 1990 by Leah Bateman, Donna Bell, John Conger, Phil Nesser, David Oh, and Charles Roburn.

For more information, send mail to <moscow@mit.edu>

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