wavy dagger logoParty at Mort's Place

A one-night party game being written for the Guild by LeaAnn Collins and Scott Kullberg.
Professor Mortimer von Wienerdawg has always been eccentric. A nice guy, but very, very eccentric. I mean, there was the time he singlehandedly dressed the great dome in lederhosen, or the ``Supernatural Studies'' class you took under him where you did nothing but play ``Call of C'thulu''. But by and large he's a great guy and he really knows how to throw a party. Every term, just like clockwork, he hosts a pre-finals get together at his mansion. Sure the mansion's a creepy looking place, but good old Mort wouldn't let anything get out of control...would he?

You assumed this party would be no different than the others, so you showed up to his house at 7:15pm AST (assassin standard time). Since the door was wide open, you went on in and followed the smell of food to the dining room. There, amongst the well appointed spread of snack food and soda, were your rather confused classmates. No one has seen Professor Wienerdawg all evening and some were starting to get worried. Of course, you know the good Professor can take care of himself. Really. Hmmm, not worrying about him would be a lot easier if this house would just quit making such strange creaks and moans. Just the wind, of course. Really.

``Party at Mort's Place'' is a party style game set to run sometime this December. Since it is a party, the amount of plot is lower than a standard one-night game. Still, we'll do our best to keep everyone busy (bwah ha ha!). The number of runs we will have depends on the number of applications we receive, but all will be within two weeks. As a special nifty bonus, the last run will be the actual guild party for this term.

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