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Murtaza leaned back on his cushion and patted his belly. "Ah, an excellent meal, Harun. Even the Sultan's banquet for the Princess's Birthday pales in comparison." Harun al-Rashid smiled.

"Thank you, my friend, but the culinary skills of my cook are nothing compared to his powers as a storyteller." From beneath his robes, al-Rashid produced a scarab amulet and set it on the table before him. Smoke began to rise from the eyes of the beetle and cloud the room. Murtaza rubbed his eyes in disbelief as a djinn formed from the smoke and spoke with a booming voice

"What is thy will, Master?"

Murtaza gasped.

"Iblis, tell us a story. I would like you to entertain my honoured guest." The djinn bowed low to his master and began.....

The tale of Jamaharet

In the days before the fall of the Kings of Osmani, while three moons still rose in the evening sky, there was a great feud between Princess Chani, first born of Prince Rayhani and his Royal Consort Aliah, and her brother, Price Yunan, over the inheritance of the throne of Jamaharet. The Princess, being denied the opportunity to rule by the laws of the realm, seized the land from the Port of Zabir to the Oasis of Bitter Tears and founded the Kindom of Chanadi, instating herself as ruler. Furious at the rebellion of his sister, Prince Yunan declared that he would never rest until Chanadi was again controlled by Jamaharet.

After two generations of fighting, both kingdoms, exhausted from the continual struggle, agreed to make peace. The rulers of Jamaharet and Chanadi, having settled the differences of their grandparents, met at the Oasis of Bitter Tears to seal the peace pact with the blessings of the Imam.

Welcome to Jamaharet, a one-night game being written by Cyrus Eyster, Stephanie Rosch, Nathan Sanders, and Nathan Williams, with the help of Mike Person and Michelle Goldberg, to run in the fall of 1995 under the auspices of the MIT Assassins' Guild.

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