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(Spring 1993)

It was three a.m. I was in the building 66 Athena cluster working on my thesis, ``Object-Oriented Knowledge-Based Interactive Recreational Virtual Reality Environments,'' when it happened. Word went out over the white-magic zephyr instance: World War III had begun!

The tiny Republic of Transcarpathian Moronia, pieced together out of parts of the ruins of several small European nations by a mysterious group of fanatical terrorists, had launched nuclear weapons at several countries. Zephyrs started flying faster than students between classes: the U.S.~accused Japan of supporting the terrorists, Japan accused Russia, Russia accused Israel, and Israel accused the Arabs. Missiles were being launched everywhere as I punted the instance. I had too much to worry about already--my thesis was due in a couple of months!

Just a few brief moments later I was in the middle of running a crucial program when, suddenly, the power flickered and went out. My screen went dead. Athena had gone down! I screamed and ran outside to see what was going on. Then I saw it.

All of the lights in the Green Building had gone out.

I ran around to the other side, sure that it couldn't be possible, that there had to be a light on somewhere, but all of the lights were out there too! The end of the world was at hand!

Never mind the world; what about my thesis?!

I dragged myself back to my dorm. With the last dregs of the rechargeable batteries I had in my ham radio, I found out that the bombs, falling all over the world, had failed to explode, and that the power had gone out from Maine to New Jersey! Since this meant that I couldn't log in from my room, I quickly got bored and fell asleep.

In the morning the power was back on. I reached for the switch on the computer and noticed the problem set sitting on the desk. It was due at 11 a.m.! I grabbed it and ran headlong down the stairs, straight into the back of the guard standing at the bottom.

Wait a minute.

There wasn't a guard here yesterday. And I'd never seen a gun that big before! He picked me up by the collar and calmly explained to me that MIT was under temporary martial law. ``The tanks are here for your own protection,'' he said.

He told me that I couldn't leave my dorm until the military had established full control, which wouldn't be until the next evening, Friday. ``Just hang out,'' he told me. Hang out? Hang out?! Now how could I turn in my problem set?!


EIT! is a ten-day real-time, real-space role-playing game being written for the Assassins' Guild for sometime this spring by Alex Aminoff, Heather Grove, Rachel Thurston, and Jenise Bushman.

EIT! Because you just can't take this place seriously.

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