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Spring 1994

Anaheim California, 2000 AD: A pleasant community of 20,000 residents. Situated an hour's drive from Los Angeles, this pleasant town has been slowly transformed into an international community of thinkers and doers. In addition to being the home of Disneyland and MGM studios, Anaheim hosts more symposiums annually than any other city in the world. Half of the city's income comes from foreign nationals here to buy, debate, and show off the latest fruits of advanced technology. Anaheim has one of the lowest crime rates anywhere in the world.

Owner of Anaheim's newest Hotel/convention center, the Hilton Flamingo, Antonio Malachi has the following to say about the city he lives in, "Anaheim is a peaceful place. We don't have any crime here. The police, they work hard to keep it that way. We business men know this and we do our best to help them. Come vacation in Anaheim. Your belongings are safer in my hotel than they are in your own home."

Even more exciting than the city's normal bill of events, several things make now an especially interesting time to be present. Ten of the nation's best athletes are assembling to compete for the coveted positions on the United States Olympic team. There will be a sneak preview of the much advertised and anticipated movie "Three Times is Enemy Action" on Sunday the 24th of April. Disney is showing off some of their newest rides and Harrison Ford, star of the movie and recently announced gubernatorial candidate will be in the area, signing autographs and addressing the causes of the recent crime wave.

And now, a word from our sponsors.

Do you remember the days when you had conversations by drop site, truthings at gun point, and you didn't know if anyone was really loyal? Do you miss the feel of that 9mm Berretta in your pocket? Would you like to try it again? Or, are you someone new to the guild, who would like to find out why a kind word and a gun is better than just a kind word? Come play our spy game in the modern world. We guarantee that if you shoot someone, they'll fall down.

Convention is a six day spy-vs-spy assassin game, being run by Jeremy Brown, Charles Hope, Lara Karbiner, Brian Litofsky, Mikka, Frank Pelkofer, and Mike Person from April 18 through April 23.

For more information or an application, just send email to lit-gms@mit