wavy dagger logoAmnesia

The world lurches; its spinning slows. The buzzing in your ears starts to fade. Voices? The greyness drains away and you realize that you couldn't see until now. You turn your head, and a maelstrom of dizziness slams your brain back onto the floor. Wait, what's all that noise? The cacophony of sounds begins to resolve itself into voices. Who's doing all that yelling? Why are you looking at the ceiling? How did you get on the floor? Who are all these people? Wait a sec... who are YOU? What's going on? Where are you? Oh no! You must have AMNESIA...

A one-night Assassin game run by Seth McGinnis and Jeff Foley, full of confusion, confusion, and well, confusion. Not to mention memory packets. And a relatively short rules seminar. For more info, send mail to <amnesia@mit.edu>.

The MIT Assassins' Guild