Here is my list of who to call if you have a problem, complaint, question, or comment:

Specific resources: 

Compiled lists by others:

Counseling Services  (Counseling Dean)
Room 5-106 
Phone 253-4861 
Open 10-4PM for appointments
A Quick Guide to Student Resources at MIT
The Bursar's bill
Who Should You Call About... (your bill)
Student Resource Service
Office of Residential Life abd Student Life Programs
Your GRT and Housemasters:
Other GRTs on other floors or doorms
Student Services Center in Bldg.11
financial aid center
loan counselors
Due in Mid-April
Fafsa, SAF, and taxes
Nightline 3-8800 
-- when you just need someone to talk to
-- someone to listen
MIT Online Resources Page 
Office of the Dean for Student Life 
Deans and Department Heads
Dean on Call 
(via Campus Police at  (Emergency help)
Call and leave your phone number, Dean 
will call you back
MIT Ombuds office 
MIT Ombuds Resource List
--for helping settle problems and misunderstandings with people (roommates, coworkers)  you  need to keep working with
(Mainly Harrassment) Emergency Phone numbers
Financial Aid Information 
                 for Continuing students
                Check out FastWeb and FundFinder!!
Office of Dean of Students and Undergraduate Education
  • Offices of the Dean of Students & Undergraduate Education

  • Deans

  • Student Resources

    Student Financial Aid office
    MIT Student Financial Services 
    77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room 11-320 or 5-119
    Cambridge, MA 02139-4307 
    Phone: (617) 253-4971 
    Monday - Thursday 9am to 5pm 
    Friday 10am to 5pm 
    MIT  Medical Center
    E23-E25 Atrium
    Associate Dean Ayida Mthembu
         email: mthembu@MIT.EDU
         phone: (617) 253-4861
        address: 5-104
       department: Counsel & Sppt SRVcs
         title: Assoc Dean, Counseling & Suppt Services
    Dean Randolph
         email: randolph@MIT.EDU
         phone: (617) 258-5484
        address: 4-110
        department: Dean Student Life
        title: SR Assoc Dean For Students, House Master
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