Slugfest Games according to GameCom

(excerpt from Alan's email 5/7/01)
        -  Cosmic Encounter "The game that breaks its own rules", I've never
played this one, but I'm sure if you did, the universe would collapse
because of the resulting paradox-thingy.
        -  Crescendo of Doom, Never played this one either, I don't know what
a crescendo is, nor do I want to find out.
        -  Risk\Castle Risk, Take over the world in just less than
forever(about 6 hours)
        -  Nuclear War, Take over the world in less than 6 hours, and
everybody dies.
        -  The Settlers of Catan, Never learned to play this one, involves
lots of wood though, also road building.
        -  Trivial Pursuit, Answer questions, try to fill your pie with
wedges,get the middle and makes fools out of your friends.
        -  Dominos, Inheirted with some missing, hardly good for anything,
rather have a domino rally set.
        -  Deck of Cards, 52 plastic coated playing cards plus 2 jokers and 2
"play by the rules" cards, box comes complete with my name on it.
        -  Monopoly, This game should have the phrase "Screw or be screwed"
on it, take over a small part of Atlantic City, NJ in about 6 hours.
        -  Chutes and Ladders, Spin the spinner, move forward, if you land at
the bottom of a ladder go up it, at the top of a slide, fall down it.  Get to
the end, loads of fun for the little kids you kidnapped from Cambridge
public schools, or the kid in you(ie: not ones you ate).
        -  Candyland, Draw pretty colored cards, move to that color on the
board,get to the end, another fun kiddy game.
        -  Uno, I forget how this is played, but basicaly its a complicated
game of Screw Your Neighbor.
        -  Guillotine, Card game that involves chopping the heads off of
freach people for points, and making sure other people don't get the same pleasure.
        -  10 dice, I don't know what you like to do with dice, but I have 10
of them, that say in pretty red "Bicycle", use them as you please.