Caring for a friend who has drunk too much

Once they have vomited once, they are probably going to be okay,
their bodies are naturally purging the alcohol.

The body only needs time for the liver to deal with the alcohol. Nothing
else (cold showers, caffeine) will reduce their blood alcohol levels.

The danger after purging is not alcohol poisoning, but suffocation.

DON'T give em anything to drink or eat--
this will only make them vomit more, and they might suffocate on it.
(I was slightly disturbed that undergrads like to feed bread or give
oj or water to their friends who are feeling bad. It makes the next long
hours easier if you know the person has an empty stomach. They might
even be able to go to bed, as long as the danger of choking is greatly

Try and keep them awake, until they feel like their not dizzy or
in danger of passing out.

If they do need to go to sleep, make sure they lie on their sides
(in the bacchus position if possible) and that someone can check on them

By Checking on them, it means nudging them and calling their attention to
make sure that the person has not slipped into unconciousness.  Also make
sure that their breathing pathways are clear.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any comments.

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