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Angela Chang (anjchang) @ MIT

I was an undergrad in MIT from 1993 until 1997. I graduated from Course 2, with a Bachelors of Science. I lived for a short time in Baker House. But my main home was Burton Conner dormitory, as a Burton Four Player.  Throughout my undergraduate career, I have been involved with the Student Ambassadors Club, Solar Car Club, MIT Tae Kwon Do, IM Badminton, Integrated Studies Program and the UA Council.  I also received the Class of 1972 Scholarship. I really want to thank them for giving me a world class education, especially Bonny Kellerman and Deborah Mastin for being such wonderful role models.

I am currently working at the Media Lab as a postdoctoral associate continuing on my PhD work . I work on touch-based communication devices with Professor Cynthia Breazeal in the Personal Robots Group in the MIT Media Lab. I was 1/2 the GRT powerhouse at East Campus, 1W, Stickmen. and 4E Slugfest, for 5 years. It's funny, but many of our former students are now professors and people with real jobs!  Some random shout-outs to people in my heart:

Miami song:

Ay, Yay, yah-yay, canta-- no llores....
Cuando pasas por mi casa, y tu veas me mujer... tu dices

"Estoy en Hialeah, holando factoria, por culpa del Fidel".
My friends Jackie and Barbie got my back. :) I'll text you, you text me. Okay?
My cuzzin Joyce and DVarner,Andrea, Amanda, & Drew are kicking dirt all over this hood.

Carol S. you the coolest! Lets watch a movie!
Home of the Le Martinez Bros and the Alfredo-- where are they now?
Recently I found our high school reunion homepage of Miami Spring Senior High School.

Boston's best

I am the biggest fan ever of the "Gouldstone Four". Jim Gouldstone is my favorite Boston artist. He recently put up his art portfolio. Have a gander!
I was lucky to work at the Media Lab with Hiroshi Ishii, James Patten, Rich Fletcher, and Kenroy Cayetano. In the past, I also got to supervise and mentor Urops Debbie Wan, Flora Chiu, Matthew Malcolm, Zahra Kanji, and Kenji Alt. :) Innumerable wonderful MIT folks I know... too many to write down.
My friends Wchuang, Ranald, Cthomas, AYB, Warlock, Sajid Sadi, are out and about... some in NY, another as far as SF. Ruff! I also see my friend Dean every once in a while.
Lucky for me, I get to hang out with some people from back home, but rarely. Sarah, FrankM (of the Martinez family), Alf, and Alejandro are in town. My cuban friends, we should do stuff!
Ela, Arrin, Lily, Rain are my g-pals from the tute. We have a great time together. especially out in the woods after dark!
V & R, and Sofa and Armoire, I'm looking forward to more fun and excitement watching movies and doing dim sum.

ML alum

I like to keep track of ML alumni. Brygg Ullmer is in Louisiana. Monzy in Stanford. Purple Hayes @ Google. Kimiko and Stefan at UCB. Jpatten and Amanda are in NYC. Bots out east-- Zoz is in Korea, Cory is in Hong Kong.  Floyd in Melbourne.

Gian Pangaro has made it back to Boston, has stopped by once for a brainstorming. Kumpf is at Teague. Phil Frei is in London. Victor Su is in DC. Andy Dahley is in SF. Scott Brave is in Sunnyvale, just finished a book on communication.The elusive Paul Yarin is in LA. JH is in LA (i think). Ali is in Georgia Tech.


The following people moved to California, but took a piece of Boston with them.
Mike Duff and Betsy Boyce -- I miss your smiles! 
Julie Hsieh --- we traveled Europe together, an experience I'll never forget! My doppelganger, I miss you.

Lisa & Y of ystudio, they're tops in trend and product design!!!! Iwas sharing an office with Wendy Ju at the moment in the beautiful Media Lab. Now she's running the Ambidextrous magazine.  Another ex-officemate, Monzy, is also at Stanford.

secret code for Marco S., Robtag, and JWPark, le (snappy) TadT and (sizzle) TadH: What's S>I>M 4 TNBT.


2013 Parenthood part II

2011 EVA London and UNESCO Tech4Dev Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland

2010 Parenthood part I

2009 Human Robot Interaction 2009 in San Diego, CA (with Heather Knight)

ELO AI 2009 Electronic literature Organization AI conference at Brown University in Providence, RI with Peggy Chi and NickM

2008 Florence, Italy for the CHI Conference

Miami for New Years

2007 NYC for NIME conference

San Jose CHI conference

LA to see Paul, Tad Toulis, Minna, DK, and Kwin

San Francisco to see Julie, Mike, and Art

2006 Colombia (we just got back! pictures soon)

We saw Rich & Virginia get married in Bogota. Rich's family was super nice, and they are great dancers. They introduced me to Juanes, the awesome singer. Hung out at the Unicentro. We saw Monserrate, a monastery on top of a cliff. Then we got to go to Zipiquiera, the cathedral of salt.  We also saw the Simon Bolivar monument, and took a picture near the revolutionary bridge. Ajiaco was a delicious chicken stew we ate, along with some delicious roast meat and potatoes cooked in salt water. We then went to an Avestruz farm and petted some. We rode horses in Villa Leyva, a quaint little artisan village. We ate often at the Casa Blanca, where they serve lots of meat. We also walked the shopping district of Ráquira, the clay pot town.  All of it was very beautiful, and I have to say, I didn't think it was any more dangerous than NYC. There was alot of police presence, but they weren't jerks, and the people were very very friendly. Surprisingly, the weather was mild-- warm in the day and cool at night, because they were high up.  I would go again and check out more next time!

Montreal, Canada for CHI 2006 was totally cool. We toured the XSLabs an experience in fashion, run by Joey Berzowska at Concordia University. We saw their cool tech, and had a terrific time hanging out. Joey throws great parties! The Google Party was fun, and it was great to hang out with our friends from Tufts. We ended up bringing home bellies full of crepes from Chez Cora, and gynormous crunchies from IGA Louise Menard.

Organized the TMG exhibit for Siggraph 2006: Tangibles at Play and took some shots of things I thought were cool.

Milan to visit Ray. Hiked beautiful coast of Cinque Terra(from Riomaggiore, through Manarola, Corniglia and Vernazza). Almost didn't make it back in time! Had a delicious repast in a open-air restaurant in Corniglia ("where you guys from??, sure you want to sit outside?") A breathtaking hike, full of coastal vistas, shoreline fauna, and mountain scenary.  Next time we go back, we plan to spend even MORE time, and enjoy the Castello, and perhaps hike all the way to Monterosso (the track was closed due to landslide)? Another cool part was Esselunga in Milan, thanks to Ray for driving us there and back in one piece!

NYC to meet up with Barbie, my childhood pal from Miami and her boyfriend Duane. It was good to see my sister-in-law and Ben as well. We did the UPTOWN tour on the doubledecker,and saw Harlem, lots of stuff, and ate well at Junior's cheesecake and also Kelly and Ben's. The more I see of NYC, the more I am at awe.

2005 UK for Ian's graduation and Chris and SHen's wedding

         Dallas (visiting Ray) and California (visiting Duff, Lisa & Y, Julie, Sudeep, Brad, and Betsy)

         Key West with my parents and Jim
         CHI2005 was held in Portland, OR.

         NYC to see Ben & Kelly and meetup with my cuzzins

2004 China & Hong Kong

My favorite place is always Hong Kong Harbor. I really love the view from Victoria peak, and the gorgeous hustle and bustle of the water. This time, I got to visit Aberdeen and wear sampans. We were also there for the moon festival, where tons of brightly colored lanterns lit up the boardwalk. My extended family is doing great in Panyu, Guangzhou, and it was good to see them again. I look forward to my next visit to see them.  Other places we saw were Suzhou, Shanghai (twice), Beijing (twice) and Nanjing.

 Went to Paris for work,  London (visited Ian and the RCA show), Dublin (visited Sile) for the Xtreme Interfaces Conference

CHI2004 in Vienna, Austria. DIS was in Boston this year, and I helped with the conference publication.

Summer excursion to  Spain, saw us playing at Ibiza, visiting Barcelona to pay homage to Gaudi, visiting the Alcazar, Madrid, Seville, Valencia... ah, jamon y queso por favor! Don't wanna be a busdriver all my life. Going to Ibiza!!!

2003 Greece

The cuzzes, Jim and I all went to GREECE this summer. (Special thanks to Jim for making the script that allows it to work on Netscape.) Tell me about your travels to Greece, I'll tell you about mine! I can really give you the dish that the Lonely Planet guide misses out on, for sure. :) Which way to the ferry gyes? How do the buses run? Get me to Xania, Chania, Hania. Where can I find the James Bond Missionary? I know now that all buses lead to Fira in Thira (Santorini). heehehehe lay on some of that Tzatziki! Info on GREECE. If you ever are in Santorini, stop for the yummy food at Skaros tavern!

2002 Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Hiking it with my cousins, and Mike Duff was awesome. The view from the bottom was spectacular, and it was a great workout! Whoo hoo!

         London, England

I presented my thesis work at the DIS2002 Conference Presentation at the British Museum.

2001 Miami, FL

Went to see my folks in Florida for Chinese New Year. Happy Year of the Horse. Hung out quite a bit with my cousins at the Renaissance Festival and other Miami favorites. :)

Dublin, Ireland.

Attended the Extreme Interfaces Conference and presented ComTouch. Saw the Book of Kells and enjoyed some Bewley's.

Christmas & New Year's 2001 in Herefordshire, England
Wes's 2002 New Year Pictures from England
Wes's 2002 England Pictures
Fifo's Bonfire pictures

Austrian Summer/ Linz Ars Electronica
Then I went to Linz, Austria for a week for Ars Electronica. My lab group is sponsoring the exhibits for the "Get in Touch" exhibiton there this year. Griss Gott!

2000 European Backpacking It started off as a group tour, then I took off alone to Vienna and Czech Republic by myself. Finally, I met up with my ultra cool friend Julie Hsieh and we went to tour most of western Europe-- it was a blast. 

        Eurorailing with Julie (Switzerland (Zurich and Geneva), Germany (Munich, Neuschwanstein), France (Nice, Strausbourg, Versailles, Paris), Belgium, Amsterdam

                Julie Hsieh's Travelogue of the European Tour with pictures

        Vienna, Austria and Prague, Czech Republic

Backpacked alone through some nice small towns, saw the wonderful Horological clock designed by Tyco Brahe in Czech Republic, walked the beautiful Charles bridge, danced at a $1 nightclub, met some cool people at the train station, hung out with other backpackers from the hostels in CR and Vienna. Walked around the Schloss Schonbrun, had yummyVienna Torte, saw a Viennese opera.

        Italy A group of about 19 of us went to Italy together for 2 weeks. We toured Rome, Pisa, Florence, Venice, Milan, Cuomo, Rimini. It was one of my most memorable summers, ever.

       Tokyo, Japan It was an honor to help set up the Get In Touch Exhibition at the NTT Communications Center. The people from IAMAS showed us many terrific places, and I enjoyed dancing in Roppongi and the public baths (bathing in milk and coffee)!

1998 England - Ben was still studying in Manchester University. We drove all over to see the beautiful english countryside. Also, we saw Stonehenge and Bath.

1997 England - Ben was studying in Manchester University. We went to see Chester, the Walled City and hung out in the pubs of Manchester.

1996 Summer in Kyoto, Japan An exchange student intern working in Kyoto, I got to experience the Gion Matsuri, all the sites near Kyoto Eki (where I lived at Chisan AH House), walk on fire (hi-no-watari), fishing, comorant fishing, climbing Mount Fuji. Also visited neighboring ATR in Nara, Akihabara, Tokyo. I will always remember the great people I met there.

1995 Columbus, Indiana (Working for Cummins, I got to visit Ohio State (Columbus, OH) and also UIUC in Urbana, Champaign.
1993 Summer in Miami Having won the championships in South Florida high schools for Mixed Doubles, my cousin and I attended Badminton Camp. We couldn't have done it without Coach Ryan, Dave Z, Dudley, and Rosie.

         Hawaii The national math club finals were held in Hawaii this year. Our math club must have sold over a million bagels and tens of car washes to get us to compete here. It was terrific, I believe some of us even won awards.  The best part was climbing the waterfall... or was it sitting on the beach during the comet shower... or was it snorkeling... or was it just hanging out with Joyce and Sarah? It was all awesome!

1992 Summer in Miami This was my first summer driving my first car around Miami. I drove to the beach almost every weekend to play volleyball with the best math teacher on earth, Sam Koski. The nights were full of dancing and partying at the Kitchen Club, SoBe, and many other great spots.

Luckily, you can have many Favorites...

My favorite bunch of young geniuses- Stickmen and Slugfest
My favorite international family of fun-- The Gouldstones.
My favorite Cubano families of fun--The Martinez-es (how do you pluralize that?), the Zurbanos, and the Perezes. Let's go down to Molina's sometime for some Ropa Vieja or Arroz con Pollo. Then cruise to SoBe or chill in the Grove.
My favorite shows -- Sifl & Olly!!!!!! Jon Stewart! Ciao Italia (with Marianne Esposito)!
My favorite character on Sifl & Olly-- CHESTER!! Hey there fruity-lips!
I'm a fan of my big brother, Ben. Check out Benjamin Chang's holiday pics. Ben is the best brother ever. He's patient, funny, witty and kind. My favorite comedian, because he gets me, where I'm from. He's known me all my life. Funny he is so different from me, he loves sports, linux, and databases though - I like art, windows, and multimedia!
My favorite Boston-area bands:
            FreezePop!!!  C&M Thompson   Twang Pierce Woodward Trio   Tamarisk Janet D. Feld

My favorite technology company - LCS/Telegraphics. Where would we be without a pointing device? Smart programming/design firm.
My favorite pointing device: the Art4D dual scroll mouse. Love that horizontal scrolling and zoom button!
My favorite  standard:  PS/2? Serial? USB? Give me a modem please. :) Email me if you think you have a more efficient pointing device. ;)
My favorite mathematician and also my role model, Mrs. Nirmala Prakash.


Badminton - Ray and I won the Dade County mixed doubles finals my senior year in High School.

Ji Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do, where I am an aspiring red belt... and eventually black! Shim shin dal yun.
Cooking & Baking (my usuals:  banana+ bread, scones, popovers, beef & tomato, roast beef, oven-fried chicken, pork with apples, fried rice, lemon chicken, chicken pot pie (TOO MUCH)). Together, Jim and I make daily shakes! that's right!
Chinese Culture mostly eating, but dragon boats and all that are awesome.
Exercising - Running around the Charles, Dance Classes
TenRen Tea Company - Bubble Tea and also English Tea (Afternoon Tea anyone?)
Solar Car Club

Volleyball preferably on the Beach with the math club, but on the IM court is fine :)

Fiber arts (hand and machine sewing, embroidery, ropework, crochet, knitting)  

Cool stuff I have done and lived to tell about

Walked on Fire (hi-no-watari) with bare feet

Camped and Climbed the South Rim of the Grand Canyon with great spirit

Climbed Mount Fuji from nightfall to sunrise

Climbed the Samaria Gorge ( Crete, Greece )

Climbed the Eiffel Tower

Swam (or more accurately, clung to a barnacle for dear life) in the Cauldron of Santorini

Bathed in the hot springs in Hakone

Danced all night in Ibiza, and drowsed on the beaches afterward

Senen Mairi, Gion Matsuri dressed in kimono and saw the Diamanji Festival in Kyoto

Backpacked across Europe with a friend, and alone

Seen the graves of Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella

Seen the Sistine Chapel (and Vatican) with my own eyes

Seen Michelangelo's statue of David

Eaten poutine in Montreal