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How did I get here...

  Well, it all started in Hartford, CT, some years ago, but for all intents and purposes, I grew up near the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee in a little town called Oak Ridge. It's a quiet little town where I enjoyed my formative years playing soccer, backpacking, and finding other outdoor adventures. With help from the excellent teachers in the schools (or maybe it was the nuclear waste from the Oak Ridge National Lab - a part of the Manhattan Project in the 1940s) I headed out of the hills to the Biomedical Engineering program at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. After 4 years there, I was ready to try out the West Coast and I ended up at Cal-Berkeley for a fun-filled 7 years as grad student and post-doc. Finally realizing that I could do the same work but for better pay, I managed to land a position at the Nissan Cambridge Basic Research Lab in Cambridge, MA. I had the honor to be staff scientist #1 and contribute to the growth of a pretty good lab. After 6 great years, it was time to move on and you might say that my career has really taken off by getting into space research at the MIT Man Vehicle Lab.  

Now most of my spare time is spent with my wife Brenda and kids, Kira and Erik.
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