Afshine Amidi



Selected work

With my twin brother Shervine, we built easy-to-digest study guides highlighting the important points of each class that he TA-ed at Stanford.

VIP cheatsheets for CS 221
Artificial Intelligence
  • • Reflex-based models
  • • States-based models
  • • Variables-based models
  • • Logic-based models
VIP cheatsheets for CS 229
Machine Learning
  • • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
  • • Deep Learning
  • • Machine Learning tips and tricks
  • • Probabilities, Statistics, Linear Algebra and Calculus refreshers
VIP cheatsheets for CS 230
Deep Learning
  • • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • • Recurrent Neural Networks
  • • Deep Learning tips and tricks
VIP cheatsheets for CME 102
Ordinary Differential Equations
  • • First and second-order ODEs and applications
  • • Linear Algebra, Calculus and Trigonometry tools
  • • Matlab tips
VIP cheatsheets for CME 106
Probability and Statistics
  • • Key concepts of the course
  • • Distribution tables, common questions
  • • Matlab tips and course-related functionalities


  1. EnzyNet: enzyme classification using 3D convolutional neural networks on spatial representation
    A. Amidi, S. Amidi, D. Vlachakis, V. Megalooikonomou, N. Paragios, E. Zacharaki
    PeerJ, 2018
    PDF Code Docs
  2. Automatic single- and multi-label enzymatic function prediction by machine learning
    S. Amidi, A. Amidi, D. Vlachakis, N. Paragios, E. Zacharaki
    PeerJ, 2017
    PDF Code
  3. A machine learning methodology for enzyme functional classification combining structural and protein sequence descriptors
    A. Amidi, S. Amidi, D. Vlachakis, N. Paragios, E. Zacharaki
    International Work-Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering, 2016
    PDF Code