Jonathan Z. Amar

Ph.D. Candidate
Operations Research Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Contact: amarj at

About me

I am a 5th year doctoral candidate at the MIT Operations Research Center, advised by Prof. N. Trichakis. I am actively looking for a position. My research interests lie in Online Optimization and approximation algorithms, in Machine Learning coupled with Operations Management applications. I further work on bandit problems, online optimization and exploration-exploitation tradeoffs.
I earned my BS and MS from the Ecole Polytechnique in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. I've had the pleasure to research at the Technion in Robust optimization.
Passionated about applying data-driven methods to solve complex decision-making problems, I look for challenges to get involved in high-impact projects. For instance, I was lucky to intern within the dispatch team at Uber Inc., optimizing real-time and large-scale systems.

Working Papers