NECPhon 2018

Sunday November 4, 1pm–6pm (eastern standard time!)

Location: 32-D461, Stata Center, MIT

12:30–1:00pm   Lunch/snacks available
1:00–1:30pm Brandon Prickett (UMass)

Probabilistic Feature Attention as an Alternative to Variables

1:30–2:00pm Jane Chandlee (Haverford) and Adam Jardine (Rutgers) Quantifier-free least fixed point functions for
2:00–2:15pm   Break
2:15–2:45pm Eileen Blum (Rutgers) Vowel harmony is local over multi-tiered autosegmental
Max Nelson (UMass) Word segmentation and UR acquisition with UR constraints
3:15–3:30pm   Break
Tristan Thrush (MIT) A neural model for learning a humanlike vowel feature space
Alayo Tripp (UMD) A Model of Informant Evaluation in Early Word Learning
4:30–4:45pm   Break
4:45–5:15pm Nate Koser (Rutgers) Strictly local patterns are not
closed under optimization
Jonathan Rawski, Jeffrey Heinz (Stony Brook), Jane Chandlee (Haverford), Remi Eyraud (Aix-Marseille), Adam Jardine (Rutgers) How the Structure of the Constraint Space Enables Learning
5:45–6pm   Business meeting