BREAKING NEWS !!! Congratulations to Prof. Arieh Warshel for being awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. It was an absolute honor to have worked in your lab. Visitors please feel free to read about the computational enzymology work that was performed with Prof. Warshel under Publications. !!!


This website describes past and present professional work of Andrew J. Adamczyk, Ph. D.

At the core of my research, supercomputing resources are used as the primary tool to better understand reacting chemical and biological systems and to discover new materials.

NOTE: Andrew has taken a position at Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Further details can be found under the News and Contact sections.

Website last updated in October 2013.

Text Box: Andrew J. Adamczyk, Ph. D.
Department of Chemical Engineering, 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Text Box: Complex Reacting Chemical & Biological Systems