“In learning you will teach, and

in teaching you will learn”


I’ve always loved to teach, and one of the fantastic things about teaching physics is that you get to talk about the most fascinating and awe-inspiring thing that we’ve ever thought about -- the Universe.

Teaching at MIT

I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of being a teaching assistant to the students in 8.02 (freshman electromagnetism for engineers), 8.902 (graduate level astrophysics II), and 8.04 (sophomore quantum mechanics).  I’ve also had an absolutely wonderful time serving as a recitation instructor for 8.022 (freshman electromagnetism for physics majors) and 8.04 (sophomore quantum mechanics).  I’m guessing the students had a good time too, because I was lucky enough to win the 2009 Buechner Student Teaching Prize, one of the 2012 Kendall Teaching Awards, and the 2012 Goodwin Medal for my efforts.  I am also involved in the “Discover Physics” freshman pre-orientation program at MIT.  The idea is to show incoming freshmen what an amazing experience it is to study physics.  The top photo of this page was taken during last year’s program, when I took the participants up to the roof of our building to talk about radio telescopes.

Teaching at CTY

Back in 1999 (the previous century!), I took my very first physics course with the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth program.  I had an amazing time, so perhaps it’s no surprise that I returned as a teaching assistant in Summer 2004 to assist in the same course.  I was promoted to the instructor position in 2007, which is a position I return to every summer, teaching the program’s Fast-Paced Physics course.

Being the summer, of course, things can sometimes get a little silly.  This is a video taken during an in-class exam.  Needless to say, this doesn’t usually happen...

Welcome to my teaching page!

And this is what happens when an experiment goes wrong...