Omid Abari

PhD Student

I am a Ph.D. student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS). I am supervised by Professor Dina Katabi and Professor Anantha Chandrakasan. I received my S.M. degree from MIT in 2012 under the supervision of Professor Vladimir Stojanovic and my B.Eng. degree from Carleton University in 2010.
My main research interests involve the design of low power, energy-efficient systems for wireless communication applications.


    2015 : Winner of the ACM Student Research Competition Grand Finals-Third Place

    2014 : MobiCom Student Research Competition Winner-First Place

    2012 : Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship Finalist

    2012 : Microsystems Annual Research Conf. Best Presentation Award

    2011 : Merrill Lynch Fellowship

    2010 : Senate Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement

    2010 : Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship (NSERC-CGSM)-Converted to PGS

    2010 : Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Undergraduate Student Research Awards

    2010 : Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education Scholarship

    2009 : Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Undergraduate Student Research Award

    2009 : Hyman Soloway Scholarship

    2009 : Ahluwalia Scholarship

    2008 : Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Undergraduate Student Research Award

    2008 : Sprott Scholarship

    2008 : David C. Coll Scholarship in Communications Engineering

    2007-2010 : Dean's Honour List, Carleton University



  • Graduate Research:

    - O. Abari, D. Vasisht, D. Katabi, A. Chandrakasan, "Caraoke: An E-Toll Transponder Network for Smart Cities ," ACM Special Interest Group on Data Communication (SIGCOMM), London UK, August 2015. (Acceptance Rate: ~15%)

    - O. Abari, H. Rahul, D. Katabi, M. Pant, "AirShare: Distributed Coherent Transmission Made Seamless ," IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM), Hong Kong, April 2015. (Acceptance Rate: ~19%) [PAPER]

    - O. Abari, H. Rahul, D. Katabi, " Poster: clock synchronization for distributed wireless protocols at the physical layer ," ACM International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (MobiCom), Maui USA, Sept 2014. (SRC First Place Winner) [PAPER]

    - A. Agarwal, H. Hassanieh , O. Abari, E. Hamed, D. Katabi, Arvind "High-Throughput Implementation of a Million-Point Sparse Fourier Transform ," International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and applications (FPL), Munich Germany, Sept 2014. (Acceptance Rate: ~23%) [PAPER]

    - H. Hassanieh , L. Shi , O. Abari, E. Hamed, D. Katabi, "GHz-Wide Sensing and Decoding Using the Sparse Fourier Transform ," IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM), Toronto Canada, April 2014. (Acceptance Rate: ~19%) [PAPER]

    - O. Abari, E. Hamed, H. Hassanieh, A. Agarwal, D. Katabi, A. Chandrakasan, and V. Stojanovic, "A 0.75 Million-Point Fourier Transform Chip for Frequency-Sparse Signals," IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), San Francisco USA, Feb 2014. (Acceptance Rate: ~30%) [PAPER]

    - O. Abari, F. Lim, F. Chen and V. Stojanovic, "Why Analog-to-Information Converters Suffer in High-Bandwidth Sparse Signal Applications," IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I (TCAS-I), vol.60, no.9, pp.2273-2284, Sept 2013. (Acceptance Rate: ~25%) [PAPER]

    - F. Chen, F. Lim, O. Abari, A. Chandrakasan and V. Stojanovic, "Energy Aware Design of Compressed Sensing Systems for Wireless Sensors under Performance and Reliability Constraints," IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I (TCAS-I), vol.60, no.3, pp.650-661, March 2013. (Acceptance Rate: ~25%) [PAPER]

    - O. Abari, F. Chen, F. Lim and V. Stojanovic, "Performance Trade-offs and Design Limitations of Analog-To-Information Converter Front-Ends," IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP) , Kyoto, Japan, March 2012. (Acceptance Rate: ~49%) [PAPER]

    Undergraduate Research:

    - O. Abari and C. Plett, "A differential 5th derivative Gaussian pulse generator for UWB transceivers," IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), Paris, France, May 2010. (Acceptance Rate: ~44%) [PAPER]

    - O. Abari (Co-Primary), F. Alaca (Co-Primary), J. Green and R. Goubran, "Application of Sensor Networks in a Smart Apartment," Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society Conference (CMBES), Vancouver, Canada, June 2010. [PAPER]

    - A. Liao, O. Abari and C. Plett, "Comparative Study of Passive and Active Correlators for UWB Impulse Radio," IEEE International Northeast Workshop on Circuits and Systems (NEWCAS), Montreal, Canada, June 2010. (Acceptance Rate: ~52%) [PAPER]

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Teaching Assistant

- MIT 6.829 : Computer Networks

- Carleton MATH1009 : Calculus: with Applications to Business and Economics

- Carleton MATH1005 : Differential Equation and Infinite Series

- Carleton ELEC2507 : Electronic I

Selected MIT Courses

- 6.888 : Wireless Communication Systems

- 6.886 : Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing

- 6.375 : Complex Digital Systems

- 6.374 : Analysis & Design of Digital ICs

- 6.555 : Biomedical Signal & Image Processing

- 6.334 : Power Electronics

- 15.390 : New Enterprises

- 15.401 : Finance Theory

Selected Carleton Courses

- SYSC4607 : Wireless Communications

- SYSC4504 : Distributed Network Processing

- SYSC4405 : Digital Signal Processing

- SYSC4604 : Digital Communication Theory

- ELEC4503 : RF Lines and Antennas

- ELEC4505 : Telecommunications Circuits