Preparation for the DARPA paper

Read "The Design Philosophy of the DARPA Internet Protocols" by David Clark. Skip Section 10.

Because networking is a new topic for many of you, we've put together a short guide to the very basics of networking. It should help de-mystify some of the vocabulary in the DARPA paper. Lecture 8 will also give you a nice overview, but you need not wait for that lecture before reading this paper.

A bit of background on the paper itself:

The paper starts by introducing the goals of the Internet's architecture (Sections 1-3). It then dives into the details of some of these goals (Sections 4-7) before discussing implementation details and concluding.

As you read, you should think about:

Question for Recitation

Before you come to this recitation, write up (on paper) a brief answer to the following (really—we don't need more than a couple sentences for each question). If your TA has requested that you email your answer to them, you may do that instead, but it should still be handed in before your recitation begins.

Your answers to these questions should be in your own words, not direct quotations from the paper.

As always, there are multiple correct answers for each of these questions.