18.338 Eigenvalues of Random Matrices (Spring 2016)


Student Presentations

Date Name Topic
Mon May 9Antoni MusolasDifferential geometrical approach to covariance estimation [slides][report]
Manishika AgaskarDiffraction gain of free-space optical communications in atmospheric turbulence [slides]
Hong HuSpectral Initialization and its Performance Analysis [slides][report]
Anuran MakurMaximal Correlation Functions: Hermite, Laguerre, and Jacobi [slides][report]
John UrschelOn the Minimal Eigenpair of Erdos-Renyi Graphs [slides]
Wed May 11John NappRMT and the complexity of linear optics [slides][report]
Alex WeinRandom Matrix Contiguity [report]
Ravi BajajCentral Limit Theorem for log-Determinant of Wigner Matrices [report]
Brandon TranApplication of phase transitions in spiked covariance matrices to synchronization problems [slides][report]