I went to Turkey in the summer of 97 to attend a conference in Istanbul.
My sister, Saundra, came over for the first 6 days of my trip.
Standing in front of Sultanahmet, the Blue Mosque in Istanbul:
My sister at the Blue Mosque with a guy that I almost got in a fight with.
He (amd his assistant) wanted money for jumping into the picture and putting a stinky hat on my sister.
I declined to pay.
Paying homage on the steps of the Blue Mosque:
We rented a car and drove around the Marmara Sea and down the Aegean coast.
Swimming in the Marmara Sea:
My sister in the Wooden Horse at Troy:
In the ruins at Bergama:
My sister at the ruins of Bergama:
Climbing the steps of the amphitheater at Bergama is hard work:
We are not really lost. We are somewhere in Turkey:
Traffic jam: